Green Spa is the official sponsor of the 2024 Spa Practitioner Competition!

Green Spa est le sponsor officiel du Concours Spa Praticien 2024 !

The world of well-being and aesthetics is a constantly evolving field, marked by a relentless quest for excellence and innovation.

It is in this spirit that the 52nd International Aesthetics & Spa Congress hosted, within the Spa Village, the 9th edition of the Best Spa Practitioner Competition , a now unmissable event for spa professionals.

This year, we have the immense pleasure of announcing that Green Spa, a pioneer in the field of ecological care and sustainable well-being, will be the official sponsor of the 10th edition of this prestigious competition.

The Best Spa Practitioner competition, a competition of excellence

The Competition for the Best Spa Practitioner in France is a true institution in the world of well-being.

Every year, it brings together spa practitioners from all over France to celebrate their art and know-how.

The competition is a unique opportunity for participants to demonstrate their technique , creativity and ability to meet the specific needs of each client, under the watchful eye of a jury made up of recognized industry experts .

For Green Spa, a renewed commitment alongside sustainability

By becoming the official sponsor of the 10th edition of the Best Spa Practitioner Competition, Green Spa reaffirms its commitment to excellence in the field of well-being, but also its desire to promote environmentally friendly practices .

As you know, Green Spa is a brand recognized for its holistic approach to treatment, combining ancestral techniques and ecological innovations to offer a unique and sustainable experience.

This partnership with the competition is one more step in Green Spa's mission: to encourage professionals in the sector to adopt greener and more responsible practices.

The 2024 Aesthetics Congress placed under the sign of discovery

The Beauty Spa Village , which hosts the competition, will be the scene of the 10th edition of the Best Spa Practitioner Competition.

Visitors will be able to witness spectacular massage demonstrations, reflecting current and future trends in the industry. These three days of congress will be a golden opportunity to discover emerging talents in the spa world and to draw inspiration from the new techniques and approaches presented.

An unmissable event for professionals and enthusiasts

The Competition for the Best Spa Practitioner in France is more than a competition; it is a true showcase of advances in the sector and a driver of progress.

By bringing together the most talented and innovative practitioners, the competition encourages the entire industry to aim higher, providing exceptional care and adopting sustainable practices.

For spa professionals , participating in this competition or simply attending is a unique chance to connect with peers, exchange best practices and learn from each other.

This is particularly why at Green Spa, we are delighted and honored to be the official sponsor for this great year 2024!

Together, towards a greener and healthier future

The association of Green Spa with the Best Spa Practitioner in France Competition is a strong signal sent to the entire wellness sector .

It highlights the importance of professional excellence while recalling the need to integrate environmentally friendly practices into all facets of the industry.

Through this partnership, Green Spa aspires to inspire a new generation of spa practitioners , driven by a passion for quality treatment and a deep commitment to sustainability.

A real pleasure, for which we are expecting many of you!