Choose your organic aesthetic wholesaler based on its packaging

Packaging, packaging... Tell me which organic aesthetic wholesaler to choose!

Whether for your customers or through professional conscience , you are committed to ecology .

You fight as best you can against global warming, you are interested in cosmetic products that are good for the planet... In short, you do things on your scale, according to your means.

So, the organic aesthetic wholesaler who overpacks and who doesn't care about the planet, very little for you!

However, do we really have a choice? As an institute or spa, can you impose such restrictions on the choice of a wholesaler of organic cosmetics for professionals!

The answer is quite simple: YES, absolutely! You too have your say. And choosing a supplier that doesn’t match your values ​​is pointless.

For the well-being of your beauty salon and for your ecological slate, what if you looked at the issue of packaging ?

A wholesaler for organic beauty institutes who takes packaging to heart

Let's be honest: today, all orders are made online. The days when we did our shopping directly are long behind us. Especially as a beauty professional!

Most of your orders are placed via suppliers' websites, or through B2B platforms such as Faire or Ankorstore . Which means you don't know what to expect when you receive the order.

Simple packaging, with the bare minimum?

Lots of frills, in a box that's way too big?

Scotch galore?

Fortunately for us, there are possibilities to find out the vision of packaging that your future supplier adopts. Starting with certain priority behaviors that the latter can adopt. We tell you more!

We are banning plastic!

The first essential thing when choosing a good organic cosmetics wholesaler : they have banned plastic! Today, it is possible to run a cosmetics production business without using plastic.

This is an element that is quite easily remarkable, from the site of the supplier in question.

In fact, you can analyze the composition of the product packaging : are they entirely made of plastic? Or does the supplier use logisticians who try to ban plastic as much as possible?

Next, it shows in the way your order is going to be packaged .

Spa cosmetic products are sometimes fragile: they must therefore be carefully placed in boxes , with the help of different cushioning materials... For example: kilometers of plastic, exactly what we don't want.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives for properly shimming products. Like corrugated cardboard , which is a material of choice from a recycling point of view (but we'll come back to that).

It is also possible to choose packaging boxes in the exact size of the products . All of this is the role of the supplier, but also of its logistician. However, it is the supplier who has chosen its logistician.

And it's very revealing: tell me who you work with, I'll tell you who you are!

And what does the tape on the cardboard look like?

Cardboard packaging, therefore. So far, so good.

But did you know that the presence of tape completely prevents cardboard from being recycled?

In other words, no matter how carefully you sort your cardboard, if the sorting centers detect the slightest trace of tape, it goes in the trash ( but not in the right one) .

A wasted recycling opportunity, due to the presence of a piece of tape.

Now, knowing whether the organic cosmetics wholesaler uses tape or not can be a little complicated.

But in reality, you can simply ask him the question: after all, you have the right to question his practices. This also concerns the products that you will use in your beauty salon!

So… Just cardboard?

Yes, only cardboard. For the moment, we have not found other environmentally responsible solutions for sending cosmetics that are sometimes fragile, and receiving them in good condition.

Without forgetting that cardboard is one of the key materials when it comes to recycling ! More than 64% of the cardboard collected is recycled . And what’s more, 60% of the boxes that are made are made from recycled cardboard.

This is the start of a virtuous circle that prevents overproduction and overconsumption in the world of packaging . A perspective to encourage as much as possible!

Let's talk a little, let's talk packaging!

The packaging of your package is essential information when choosing your organic aesthetic wholesaler . But that's not all: as we said at the beginning, the packaging is just as important.

We are not going to talk to you here about personal branding and the graphic beauty of the brand , even if it is very important for your resale figures.

No, here we are going to talk about the composition of the cosmetics offered to you. You can see it on the suppliers' website, and even ask the question directly. What are the bottles and jars made of?

For example, at Green Spa, we only use recycled PET and glass for our packaging . Recycled PET is a material that is 100% recyclable and does not lose its capabilities in the process. So it’s a material that can be reused endlessly, without the need to produce new ones!

Exactly what is needed to make a small gesture for the planet , and encourage the search for the creation of the perfect ecological packaging.

Choose your organic aesthetic wholesaler with full knowledge of the facts

Choosing a supplier of cosmetic products means entering into a collaboration of equals, if possible for the long term.

It is therefore in your best interest to ensure that the organic aesthetic wholesaler you turn to matches your view of the world.

But this must also be the case for your logistician ! We talked about it a little above, but it’s really crucial data: it illustrates the wholesaler ’s priorities.

Would he prefer to reduce his expenses and work with a logistician who is not in the know?

Or invest more, but support a logistician with responsible concerns?

At Green Spa, we have chosen to work with Green , a logistician who recycles 100% of its boxes and who has completely banned plastic. For packaging , we ensure respect for the planet in the design of our cosmetic products.

Because your skin matters to us, and so does the planet!

Looking at the packaging of your future wholesaler is important. But this is not the only criterion to consider. For example, there are: