What if we chose a reliable cosmetics supplier?

Stable notoriety, holy grail for choosing a cosmetics supplier

Work with a wholesaler of organic cosmetics for professionals! attentive, responsive, present, who takes your best interest to heart... The dream!

But you are aware that finding this Holy Grail of partnership is not given to everyone. It requires a certain involvement, and above all a good amount of research time…

The advantage today, as a beauty institute, is that your supplier searches can be centralized. All your answers are found in the magical algorithms of the internet. Including the reputation of the cosmetics supplier you have in your sights!

So you don't need to take the entire steps on your own: you just need to find out on the networks , on the internet... But you still need to learn to identify the right clues.

If you are looking for the ideal supplier of beauty products , with values ​​consistent with yours and involvement in your daily life, you have found what you need. Green Spa helps you identify the essential clues to sort the good wholesalers from those to avoid at all costs.

Recognize notoriety
stable from a cosmetics supplier

“Reputation isn’t that important, you also have to form your own opinion!”

We completely agree: your relationship with your beauty product supplier is your business.

But at the same time… Are you really going to turn to a supplier who has a reputation for never responding? To sell poor quality organic products ? Not meeting delivery deadlines?

Unless you have professional masochistic tendencies, the answer is definitely: a firm and definitive NO .

Unfortunately for your choice of wholesaler, things are not always that simple. Not even that clear.

It is quite rare for suppliers to wear a large red flag across their foreheads, which says “AVOID AT ALL COSTS”. That would be far too easy. No, this analysis is up to you to do. And understanding the reputation of a cosmetics supplier is not always easy. Except with the right clues and good reflexes. We'll explain!

Notoriety, OK… But for how long?

You hear about a really interesting facial product supplier : Produits2boT . It offers creams and oils at competitive prices. And quality, too! Impossible to resist: you are already won over.

But curb your enthusiasm: before you start signing a contract with Produits2boT, you need to analyze the situation.

Because good reputation isn't everything. Certainly, Product2boT is today in the top 3 suppliers. But for how long? And for how long ?

Notoriety is something that is earned, but above all that is preserved. If it turns out, Product2boT was involved in ecological scandals a few years ago. Or, following its dazzling success, this supplier begins to rest on its laurels and neglect the negative feedback from spas and institutes.

It is for this reason that beyond seeking the notoriety of a supplier, we must also and above all seek STABLE notoriety.

Analyze the situation over a period of several months, or even several years, to get a really concrete idea of ​​the supplier's reputation. And therefore the reality of his daily involvement.

We give you some clues to take into account to analyze the situation!

The good trick :

Well, obviously if the wholesaler has just started, it's complicated to obtain a long-term vision... In this case, don't hesitate to take a look at social networks . This is a good indicator of the personality of the supplier in question.

What do other institutes think?

The first clue is to do a very simple little investigation. Despite the advent of the internet, word of mouth still remains the most effective marketing method in the commercial world!

So: what do your colleagues think? What are the opinions of other institutes on the supplier's situation?

You can send emails or on social networks to find out more about the issue. If the wholesaler is on a commercial platform like Faire or Ankorstore, you can even look at customer reviews.

In all cases, customer feedback is important. And the responsiveness of the wholesaler too: was the advice taken into account? Have the products been improved?

You can find these answers in the vastness of comments on the internet and on networks.

The cosmetics supplier
do they have long-term customers?

A little more technical information to obtain, but which is very revealing: do the institutes commit to the supplier, or do they settle for a single order?

The absence of long-standing customers casts doubt on the real quality of the service provided by the wholesaler in question.

The best way to obtain this information is to stalk: scour customer reviews , ask other institutes , contact aesthetic platforms to find out their opinion…

The duration of contracts is always a guarantee of the quality of the services offered. A customer who stays is a happy customer. And a happy customer often goes hand in hand with a quality supplier.

The good trick :

To collect this information, you can, for example, turn to groups like Nouvelles Esthétiques, which test products thoroughly before recommending them to institutes. A great option from a reliability point of view!

What does an internet search for the supplier reveal?

Crackle your fingers, put your glasses on the tip of your nose and turn on your computer: it's time to do extensive internet research on your future supplier!

Simply typing the name of the wholesaler in the search bar allows you to obtain a lot of information. For example, on our fictitious hypothesis of Product2boT, you may come across a journalistic article discussing the scandal of a few years ago.

The advantage of the internet is that it never forgets anything. Even a simple article from a few years ago can stand out today.

The first Google search results give you a good idea of ​​the reputation of the wholesaler. If you only come across the supplier's official website, and the website of its client institutes, that's a good sign! This means that not only is the wholesaler not at the center of any scandal (a very good point, given the revelations that we discover day by day), but that in addition institutes trust it and present its products on their site.

Double good point, notoriety level and stability level!

What is the wholesaler's involvement in the networks?

Finally, the last clue that we advise you to keep an eye on is social networks. What is the image sent by the supplier of organic beauty products ? What content is published? Is there a lot of commitment? Comments? Shares from other institutes?

Social networks allow you to have a transversal and long-term vision of the notoriety of a cosmetics supplier . If he has had negative comments in the past, has he taken the time to respond?

Have the products been modified? Are its subscribers institutes ? If this is the case, you can contact them now to get their opinion. A quick and effective little shortcut on the stability of the notoriety of your future supplier.

Analyze the awareness index
from a supplier

Just like many clues concerning the values ​​and implications of a cosmetics supplier, its reputation is central.

Quite simply because the reputation of a wholesaler allows you to fully understand the satisfaction of your customers. In other words: you.

Inquire thoroughly to get all the answers to your questions. And make an informed choice, by choosing a cosmetics supplier that truly meets the values ​​of your institute!