The values ​​of an organic cosmetics wholesaler for professionals

The company values ​​of your wholesaler of organic cosmetics for professionals

As an ecological spa or institute , your natural beauty products build your brand image . These are the same products that you apply during your treatment in the cabin , and that you offer for resale to your clients.

The reputation of your institute is closely linked to them. Just as it is linked to the image that your supplier conveys. This is why it is so important to choose your organic cosmetics wholesaler carefully.

Starting in particular with the values ​​it conveys to the general public. What principles should you look for in a cosmetics wholesaler?

The necessary values ​​for an organic cosmetics wholesaler for professionals

Today, a company's values ​​are the cornerstone of its reputation. For example, Amazon has lost a lot of credibility with buyers because of its overpackaging practices.

In the world of beauty institutes, the image of the natural cosmetics supplier is even more important. Because even if they are applied with particular know-how, facial treatments and body treatments are in direct contact with the skin of your customers. And therefore in direct contact with their possible criticisms.

If they realize that your wholesaler of organic cosmetics for professionals does not respect the ecological commitments of your institute, your reputation will suffer. How can you claim to be an ecological spa if you buy from a wholesaler who doesn't care?

When choosing your supplier, take the time to dissect the image it conveys. As well as its own commitments . But among the immense variety of wholesalers in the world of cosmetics, what values ​​should you look for? What do customers particularly like?

A wholesaler of organic cosmetics with impeccable ethics

When you go in search of the best supplier of natural cosmetics, you have to start by scouring the internet .

Do your own research, ask other institutes and study reviews online. “ But what am I looking for, exactly? ” you ask us.

Well, it's quite simple: you are looking for a cosmetics supplier who is not criticized. At the center of no scandal, raising no issues in the eyes of the media , with the least negative feedback from other institutes...

This absence of disorder can only mean one thing: it’s an organic brand that people like. So a brand of cosmetic products that has nothing to complain about.

You can also go to the supplier's website. Does it discuss the processes for creating organic cosmetic products ? Is it transparent about their composition ? Can you easily access all the information ?

Transparency is a symptom of honesty. And honesty in a commercial collaboration is essential!

Stable brand awareness of organic products

Beyond the general ethics of your cosmetics supplier , you can take the time to analyze its reputation. Ask yourself: how long has it been on the market?

If it has been present for many years, look up customer reviews. The consistency of positive feedback clearly indicates that you are dealing with a stable and reliable beauty brand .

If it has just entered the cosmetics market , the first customer reviews are just as important! They attest to the priorities of the supplier in question.

Take the time to note the evolution of the various feedback and comments . For example, if several comments mention a texture problem on an organic cosmetic product , try to find out if the problem has been resolved.

If, after a few months, you no longer see any comments mentioning this situation, it means something very important: that you are dealing with a supplier who listens to its customers . It is therefore a wholesaler who cares about what you think, and who takes note of your feedback.

Compliance with charters and standards

Visit the website of the organic beauty products wholesaler ! Can you find out about the production methods of cosmetics ? In a laboratory ? According to clinical tests ? Does the supplier have labels or certifications ?

All of these clues can help you get an idea of ​​the health values ​​of the wholesaler. Concretely, all organic cosmetics brands must respect the health standards imposed. Otherwise, they are not allowed to sell their cosmetics.

But the presence of labels and certifications can be a significant indicator of knowing exactly the supplier's involvement. Awarded by independent organizations, they are only awarded if the natural products and design methods meet the standards .

This can be a very good start to get a clear idea of ​​compliance with health charters. Because once again, your customers hold you responsible for the quality of the organic care you offer them.

So it’s better to be sure of what you choose!

Eco-responsible packaging

Do you run an ecological spa ? Is your institute committed to following an environmentally friendly approach? If this is your case, make sure that everything in your products is consistent with your ethical principles.

We are obviously talking here about the natural components found in the products, and the design methods. But not only!

Is the package in which you received your cosmetic treatments respectful of the planet? Have you noticed a problem with overpackaging? What is the packaging of your products made of?

These are questions that you absolutely must ask yourself if you want to choose an eco-responsible supplier. Favor packaging made from recycled and/or recyclable materials, choose a wholesaler who bans plastic in its deliveries, prefer packaging of the right size to boxes that are much too large...

Taking all these issues into consideration allows you to make a truly informed choice. And therefore create a partnership with an organic aesthetic wholesaler who corresponds to the ethical principles of your institute. Opt for an approach closer to zero waste than excessive waste!

A supplier of natural cosmetics
which restores purchasing power

Finally, the last ethical value that you should look for in a wholesaler of organic cosmetic products concerns the commercial link that unites you. You must have noticed: there are endless wholesalers of organic cosmetics for professionals.

But among all these options, very few have your best interests at heart. However, a collaboration with a supplier is supposed to be a two-way relationship. You are interested in their range of natural treatments , and they are interested in your well-being.

It is your role to worry about the satisfaction of your customers.

It is the role of your supplier to question yours.

In your search for the ideal supplier, don't forget yourself! Quality and ecological products: yes. But even better: products that allow you to recover part of your purchasing power as an institute.

And no, it's not impossible! Wholesalers who offer you quality organic and natural cosmetics and who give you back your purchasing power, exist. This is, for example, the approach that Green Spa has chosen to adopt.

After more than 10 years of experience in the world of beauty , we realized that institutes are very rarely placed at the center of concerns . And as a supplier, this is something we intend to change.

It is for this reason that we ensure that the resale of our 100% natural products allows you to achieve a margin coefficient of 2.5%. Taking care of the financial well-being of your institute is also our responsibility.

The necessary values ​​for an organic cosmetics wholesaler for professionals

Important, essential, central… The choice of a wholesaler of organic cosmetics for professionals is not to be taken lightly.

As an eco-friendly spa, you must select a supplier who follows the same ethical line as you. And which has a good brand image. And above all, a supplier who is interested in you as an institute, and in the satisfaction of your clients.

Between product quality and taking your interests into account, having a good cosmetics supplier can change your daily life completely. Opt for a personal and human collaborative relationship!

Are you having trouble choosing your cosmetics supplier? Green Spa gives you a helping hand with the tips to follow: