Organic face cream, the holy grail for skin beauty

Organic face cream, the holy grail for skin beauty

The skin on our face is particularly thin and sensitive to external aggressions of all kinds. Pollution, temperature changes, harmful particles…

All these factors inevitably lead to the presence of redness , patches, or even the appearance of small pimples.

This is why it is essential to choose the right organic facial care cosmetics ! Starting with the right day cream.

An organic day cream is the assurance of daily protection of your skin . Green Spa tells you all about it!

An organic day cream, the basics of skin care

Day cream is a cosmetic that is applied daily, or every other day depending on the needs of the skin.

It is a cosmetic which is composed of an often aqueous base, and which helps protect and moisturize the skin before a long day of work, indoors and outdoors.

Indeed, when we go out or when we practice various activities, our skin is subject to external aggressions . These attacks can manifest themselves both indoors and outdoors.

However, in the long term they can have repercussions on the quality of our skin texture .

The pores dilate, the complexion becomes grayish... This is the ultimate sign to invest in a day cream!

The particularity of organic day cream is that its composition is natural and organic. Which means that the ingredients are of a studied quality, so as not to bring anything harmful to the skin.

By using an organic day cream, you minimize the presence of industrial and therefore harmful substances.

This increases the receptivity of the skin on your face, while promoting the acceptance of the cosmetic by your epidermis.

Why use an organic day cream?

There are many reasons to use a day cream . First of all, during the night our cells take the time to regenerate .

Applying organic cream to the skin on your face therefore helps protect these brand new cells against external aggression.

The facial cream, in addition to deeply moisturizing, therefore acts as a protective shield on the surface of the skin. Pollution particles will have a much harder time sneaking into your pores!

You therefore effectively nourish your skin, while protecting it from unwanted substances. This allows you to look good , avoid the “grey complexion” effect of city pollution and reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles .

Daily hydration and protection are the basis of skin health.

How to recognize an organic face cream?

To recognize an organic face cream, you can look for a possible label or certification. They are manifested by the presence of a logo on the label. Each label or certification follows very precise specifications, which can give you a very precise idea of ​​the natural quality of the cosmetic. You can also observe the composition of the cream in question. Generally speaking, organic creams are made up of ingredients of natural origin. Plant extracts, essential oils , vegetable oils … These are excellent indicators that the face cream draws its effectiveness from flower or plant active ingredients. Then, all that remains is to select the day cream that suits the needs of your skin and its sensitivities. For ideal application, don't forget to complete the face cream with cosmetics of another nature: