Everything you need to know about the Organic label in the cosmetics world

Everything you need to know about the Organic label in the cosmetics world

Today, the composition of cosmetic products is particularly crucial.

Whether for ecological reasons or for reasons of respect for the epidermis , more and more customers are wondering about the ingredients that make up cosmetics.

And this interest in organic cosmetics is a very good thing!

It allows customers to better understand what they put on their skin, and the importance of choosing the right products for them.

But before this learning phase, you need to know how to choose the right products.

What are the clues that allow you to identify reliable cosmetics, compared to low quality cosmetics ?

Among all the clues that you can find, we find in particular the organic label.

This logo makes it possible to identify cosmetics with an ethical and environmentally friendly composition. Green Spa tells you everything you can expect from organic products!

What is the organic label?

The organic label is a label that allows you to ensure the quality of the composition of a product.

It is not only present in the world of cosmetics. You can also find it in:

  • Food
  • Vegetative reproduction materials
  • Unprocessed agricultural products
  • Processed agricultural products

Concretely, products are considered organic when they come from an agricultural or food product, itself from organic farming.

Which means that you know perfectly where the ingredients in your cosmetics come from. And how natural it is!

Why choose cosmetics bearing the organic label?

But beyond the composition, why should we prefer cosmetics bearing the organic label?

The reasons are numerous. First of all, you are guaranteed to obtain natural cosmetics with:

  • No use of synthetic chemicals
  • No use of GMOs
  • Guaranteed respect for animal welfare
  • A quantity of at least 95% of ingredients from organic farming

You can thus offer products of assured quality to your customers. Skin care, care of the planet…

Your massages and moisturizing treatments are done naturally, for the greatest pleasure of your customers!

But the organic label is far from the only one you can choose for your cosmetics.

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