Is cosmetic alcohol dangerous for the skin?

Is cosmetic alcohol dangerous for the skin?

Is there alcohol in your natural organic cosmetic products ?”

Many institutes ask us this question. And when they are told yes, the silence on the other end of the line speaks for itself. Alcohol in the cosmetic world has a very bad reputation. And for good reason: like certain preservatives , it is a cosmetic ingredient which has been at the center of numerous scandals.

But today, everything is different: regulations have changed, and only alcohols that are good for the skin are authorized in cosmetics.

So we can already answer you: no, alcohol is not dangerous when applied to the skin. Ingested in large quantities, that's another story, but we won't talk about it in this article.

There are many misconceptions about alcohol , and in reality most of them are false.

In addition to playing an essential role in cosmetics, alcohol itself has benefits for the skin.

Green Spa tells you all about it!

Received ideas about alcohol in cosmetics: true or false?

For centuries, many stereotypes have been built around alcohol, its benefits and its undesirable effects.

It's time to disentangle the false from the true!

All alcohols are bad in cosmetics


As with all cosmetic ingredients, there are many types of alcohols. Some are bad, that's for sure: but then they are banned from cosmetic formulations.

Generally speaking, fatty alcohols are found in creams and oils , because in addition to stabilizing the cosmetic formulation, they themselves have benefits for the skin.

Fatty alcohols thus have moisturizing , emollient , softening and protective effects for the epidermis. These are non-toxic and non-irritating ingredients , which are sometimes even of plant origin.

Alcohol dries the skin


Depending on the type of alcohol present in the cosmetic, you can even obtain the opposite effect: alcohol can help moisturize the skin.

Alcohols which dry out the skin are, once again, banned from cosmetic formulations .

Alcohol provides a cooling sensation on the skin


In addition to moisturizing, alcohol in cosmetics allows creams and oils to dry faster . In doing so, it is the alcohol which offers a feeling of freshness when applying cosmetics.

It also has an astringent effect which tightens the pores of the skin : ideal for a daytime facial treatment.

Cosmetic alcohol does not mix well with the sun


Another preconceived idea that comes to us from the use of bad alcohols in cosmetics.

Many years ago, applying large quantities of low-end cosmetics could cause irritation when the skin was exposed to the sun.

But by choosing quality cosmetic products, this risk is entirely avoided.

Cosmetics contain too much alcohol


It is generally considered that between 10% and 15% alcohol is needed for a cosmetic to resist transport and temperature changes.

But to avoid putting such a quantity of alcohol in cosmetics , suppliers like Green Spa couple the alcohols with natural preservatives.

This makes it possible to reduce the quantity of alcohol, and to make room for preservatives which also have benefits for the skin.

Too much alcohol is bad for the skin


It's like everything around us: cosmetic alcohol can be good for the skin, but you shouldn't overuse it. Good things are always better when used sparingly!

This is why you should only apply thin layers of cream to the face, to give the skin time to absorb it without preventing it from breathing.

Alcohol in cosmetics: an essential ingredient

Contrary to what one might think, alcohol is an essential ingredient in cosmetics. Even in organic and natural cosmetics! Stabilization of the formula, conservation of the cosmetic , skin care... By choosing cosmetics with the right alcohols, you can benefit from significant benefits for your customers. Everything therefore starts from the same question: you have to choose the right professional cosmetics supplier!