The cosmetic wholesaler for professionals: an essential link

How to choose your cosmetic wholesaler for professionals
according to its customer relationship?

Ah, the choice of your cosmetic wholesaler for professionals ... We're not going to lie to you, it's a crucial step in the management of your institute or your spa . And the reason is very simple: your organic cosmetics wholesaler is someone you will often have to deal with. Very often.

Too often to make a choice lightly. After all, your image as an aesthetic-cosmetic institute also depends on the quality of its aesthetic products ! Without forgetting that your daily life will be dictated a little by his behavior.

But before we get into the details, let's talk a little about the personality of your organic produce wholesaler . How does he treat beauty salons ? What is his vision of customer relations? Green Spa helps you see things clearly.

Customer relations with a cosmetic wholesaler for aesthetic professionals

In our previous articles, we have already discussed at length the importance of the quality of organic care products . A quick summary for those who aren't there : your image is linked to the cosmetics you use. But also to those that you resell after beauty treatments.

So your brand image depends largely on the goodwill of a cosmetic wholesaler for beauty professionals . However, that's not all!

If you've ever managed an institute, you know how it goes. Sometimes an order does not arrive. Or it arrives incomplete. And that’s when the ballet begins…

You must call the supplier to find out where the missing products are.

But impossible to contact him.

He does not return your emails or phone calls.

The person in charge of your orders is on vacation.

And you, in all this, have only one thing to do: wait.

Or, you can also choose to select your organic cosmetics supplier based on their sense of customer relations. But what are the criteria to take into account to make the right choice?

With Green Spa, guide yourself step by step!

Accessibility and responsiveness

Following setbacks with your usual beauty product supplier , you have decided to change. Congratulations, that’s a hell of a decision!

But now you find yourself having to go through all the trade catalogs. Compare the natural components of all products. To ask other institutes for their opinion… And believe us, it’s a very good thing!

In your quest for the perfect beauty supplier , you have your first clue.

Are you able to contact the company without much problem?

To obtain clear answers to your questions?

Within a reasonable time frame?

If the answers are no, no and no, run away!

This is already a good indication that the supplier you are corresponding with does not consider you a priority. And there is no reason for that to change, even after signing a collaboration contract.

Payment facilities

Beyond being responsive and available for future customers, a good natural cosmetic supplier must also be able to adapt to you. Your preferences, the resources you have available... In short, a good wholesaler is one who knows how to listen and adapt!

For example, what payment methods are offered?

Should you sign a long-term contract?

Is there a minimum order?

Or on the contrary, does it make your purchases easier?

This is an essential criterion, which is very revealing of its sense of customer relations.

Indeed, a caring wholesaler will offer you different alternatives. For example, you can place orders on sales platforms , in the quantities you want.

Without necessarily committing to the medium term.

And without the need to order cosmetics in phenomenal quantities.

This is a logic that also applies to payment. Can you pay in installments? Does the supplier accept multiple payment methods?

The practical tip:

The point of this questioning is to ask yourself: “ What is the simplest for me? ”. And to see if the wholesaler offers alternatives to take your opinion into account. A very very revealing indicator of the value he has for you.

The delivery

And even if we talk about payment, we might as well talk about delivery ! Sometimes certain products sell faster than others. In a completely unexpected way.

You've sold all your massage oils, anti-aging facial creams and moisturizing butters. And Mother's Day is coming. You need express delivery, and fast!

These are situations that can happen on a daily basis. No matter how well you manage your inventory , we are never safe.

So ask yourself: will your organic cosmetic wholesaler for professionals be able to respond to this problem?

And if so, at what price? Study the logistics practices that each wholesaler offers you. Just like the quality of beauty products, delivery times and costs always tip the scales in daily well-being.

Services offered

But a good cosmetics supplier is not just a wholesaler who adapts to you and your preferences. It is also a wholesaler who listens to you, who advises you ( we will come back to that !).

And a wholesaler who responds to your problems by providing you with solutions. For example, are you able to test cosmetics before ordering them in large quantities? Can the supplier have samples delivered to you quickly?

Can you leave your opinions, give your feedback and feel heard? More concretely: is it a purely commercial relationship, or does the wholesaler you have chosen put you first?

A relationship between a supplier and an institute must above all be based on communication. If you have a return to make, you must be able to do so without fear. Whether through customer reviews on the site or on social networks, you must be listened to!

The practical tip:

Also find out before making your choice about the possible presence of customer service or after-sales service . These are always the things you realize when you need them!


So let's return to the point of support.

As a beauty salon , you care about the well-being of your clients.

You advise them on the choice of this or that range of professional products .

On the body care or facial care best suited to their skin.

You act as a beauty guide, relaxation guide and well-being guide.

Well, this is exactly the role that your cosmetic product wholesaler must adopt for you! If you have questions regarding the fragrance of a beauty treatment , or the active ingredient of another, it must be able to provide you with clear and precise answers.

He should be able to recommend certain natural cosmetics rather than others, depending on skin type and sensitivity. But also according to preferences, seasons... In short, everything that concerns your customers must concern them too.

Value for money

Finally, once you have gathered all the previous information, you can see the big picture, the big picture. And it all comes down to one question: is this collaboration with the organic beauty wholesaler worth the asking price?

It's all about value for money! Take into consideration the cost of transport, specific charges for imported products, the supplier's tendency to make efforts to preserve your purchasing power, etc.

Because sometimes, some wholesalers charge higher prices, but for much higher quality services. When that money is put to good use, sometimes it's worth spending.

It's up to you to decide what you need for your peace of mind!

The basics of customer relations
from a cosmetic wholesaler for professionals

In the world of natural cosmetics , the links between an institute and a supplier are not only commercial . Your brand image depends on its products. And the fluidity of your daily life depends on your vision of customer relations . Before embarking on a collaboration, study all the stated criteria! Only after this in-depth analysis will you be able to say to yourself: “ Yes, this cosmetic wholesaler for professionals is worth it ”. The beginning of everyday happiness! Do you need additional information to choose your supplier? We'll guide you! Together, let’s dissect: