The Cosmos label, or how to make the right choices in cosmetics

The Cosmos label, or how to make the right choices in cosmetics

Today, more and more certifying bodies are encouraging cosmetic manufacturers to focus on natural and organic products.

Whether it is their origin, the formulation or the dosages in the product, everything is taken into account.

This is what allows certain certifying bodies such as Ecocert to award labels to cosmetics that meet the imposed specifications.

If you are looking for the organic cosmetic label , why not look into the question of the Cosmos Organic label ?

Green Spa tells you everything about the implications of this label.

What is the Cosmos label?

The Cosmos label is a certification granted by Ecocert, which concerns marketed cosmetic products.

Like most labels in the cosmetics world, it aims to improve the ethical and ecological quality of cosmetics , in order to guarantee final customer satisfaction.

It is a real reference in the world of ecological cosmetics, because it follows very rigorous specifications .

But what does the Cosmos Organic label imply?

What does the Cosmos label guarantee?

This ethical label is awarded by the certification body Ecocert.

This is a label for cosmetics which aims to guarantee the application of production processes that respect the environment and human health.

But that's not all ! It is also a label which aims to encourage the development of green chemistry, responsible use of natural resources and respect for biodiversity .

It is also a label that guarantees the absence of GMOs and petrochemical ingredients, as well as the use of recyclable packaging.

Concretely, the specifications of the Cosmos label imply that:

  • 99% of the ingredients that make up the cosmetic are of natural origin
  • 95% of plants are organic
  • At least 20% of ingredients are organic

It is good to know that water or minerals are not considered organic .

Why choose Cosmos labeled cosmetics?

By focusing your selection on Cosmos labeled cosmetic products, you directly encourage the development of ecological and organic cosmetics .

It is therefore an ethical bias for your beauty institute, which can position itself on current issues such as respect for the environment.

In addition to the ethical involvement of the Cosmos label, you increase your chances of benefiting from cosmetics of excellent natural quality.

Indeed, in the world of care and relaxation, there is nothing better than nature to do a very good job!

Soothing, good for the skin and for the planet: what more could you ask for than Cosmos labeled cosmetics?

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