Organic body butters: no longer choose between texture and hydration!

Organic body butters: no longer choose between texture and hydration!

The treatments applied in institutes and spas follow very precise specifications. It must be treatments with a pleasant scent , preferably organic… And above all: simple to apply!

However, sometimes oils are too liquid.

And the creams are too solid.

If you are looking for the perfect in-between hydration and texture for your organic body cosmetics , Green Spa has the perfect solution: body butter !

Organic body butter is a moisturizing cosmetic that offers practicality of use, coupled with a composition of studied quality.

Between effective care and respect for the body: discover all the benefits of organic butter .

Organic body butter: the hydration ally of institutes

Organic butter is one of the body cosmetics that is not always found in supermarkets. They sometimes even find their place exclusively in beauty salons and spas.

And yet, these are body cosmetics that have many benefits, whether you are a beauty practitioner or a customer.

In fact, body butter has the same benefits as creams in terms of hydration. They act in depth and have a significant effect on the balance of the epidermis .

Especially when it comes to organic butter : its composition is designed to respect the body, but also to take care of the planet in the long term. But we will return to this point a little later.

Organic butter therefore has the same moisturizing effectiveness as creams. But what differentiates it from body creams and oils is above all its texture .

In fact, the body butter is designed to have a solid texture. But just like butter, as soon as it comes into contact with a heat source (like the skin), it melts little by little.

It then takes a more solid oil form than usual massage oils . You can therefore apply it without difficulty on the body and face.

There is no risk of the butter melting and leaking, just as there is no risk of it being complicated to apply.

It melts as it is applied to the skin, which allows it to penetrate the epidermis gently.

Delicacy, warmth and relaxation await you during a treatment with organic butter.

The composition of body butters

What makes organic butters so special is their composition. It is a carefully studied composition to respect organic standards. But also to be able to achieve this ideal texture , solid, liquid and thick at the same time.

Generally speaking, we find vegetable butter in body butters.

Cocoa butter , mango butter , shea butter … They each have particular benefits for the epidermis, which we will return to later.

But that's not all ! Carnauba wax is also found in organic butters , which gives them their soft, almost gel-like texture .

It is these natural ingredients that make it possible to obtain the very particular texture of body butters. But once the base is made, you still have to add the assets.

Because in addition to being designed for simplified and fluid application , organic butter has many benefits for the skin.

Hydration , cell regeneration , soothing of the surface of the epidermis... The benefits of organic butter actually depend on its composition.

For example, you can find oily green tea macerate , which helps to tone the skin thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Plant extracts , essential oils and macerates are not uncommon in body butters. And their 100% natural origin increases the effectiveness of this moisturizing treatment even more!

What are the benefits of organic body butter?

Concretely, the benefits of organic butter depend a lot on the particularity of its composition.

Plant extracts and essential oils each have their own particularities. But this is also the case for the chosen base: in other words, the vegetable butters which are part of the very body of the butter.

Choose the right body butter, depending on the desired effectiveness!

Cocoa butter

The first type of vegetable butter that you can find in organic butters is cocoa butter.

It contributes a lot to the general texture of the butter, but also has its own benefits.

Coming from the pressing of cocoa beans, it is highly concentrated in vitamin E. However, vitamin E is a nutrient that helps fight effectively against the effects of time.

Cocoa butter therefore has the particularity of being able to tighten the skin of the face and firm it in the long term.

Shea butter

As for shea butter, it mainly acts on hydrating and soothing the skin.

It helps cells to regenerate , through deep hydration of the epidermis. It is this butter that is often recommended for application to very dry skin.

Applied regularly, it is also an excellent component to fight against the appearance of stretch marks .

Good to know :

Shea butter is one of those moisturizing components that is recommended to be applied in circular movements. This facilitates the penetration of hydration into the skin, for increased effectiveness.

Coconut oil

Finally, we leave the framework of vegetable butter to turn to vegetable oil. Coconut oil is an almost essential component of butter: it gives it a large part of its texture , but also its moisturizing capabilities.

On the hair or skin, it offers a high concentration of triglyceride fatty acids. These are essential fatty acids that help the skin heal.

They are accompanied by vitamin A, E, B3, B5 and B6: real partners for the health and beauty of the skin.

A little cocktail of sweetness, which deeply hydrates the skin.

Organic butters, a delicate and natural scent

The texture and benefits of organic butters set them apart from other body cosmetics found in institutes. And to go even further, most of the time body butters have a very pleasant scent, drawn from a natural source. Fruits, plants… With organic butter, there is no question of relying on a heady scent. When applied, the scent is completely released to settle delicately on the surface of the skin. A true beauty and beauty care ally, organic butter has more than one trick up its sleeve! And it's far from being the only body cosmetic worth trying: