Which organic body cosmetics to choose from your supplier?

Which organic body cosmetics to choose from your supplier?

Beauty salon , spa , beauty salon… Customers come to see you for your expertise. But also for the quality of the products you use! Between the delicate scents , the professional application of creams and oils and the care of the body and head with a massage... One of the pillars of the success of a salon is the choice of organic cosmetic products . for beauty salon .

For the face, but also for the body!

But today, the effectiveness of cosmetics is no longer the only component of customer satisfaction.

It is becoming more and more important to focus the choice of your cosmetics not only on their effectiveness, but also on their natural composition.

Whether out of concern for caring for the planet, or out of concern for preserving the skin, natural and organic cosmetics have become essential.

For massages, wraps , skin care, scrubs... All body cosmetics can be available in a natural and organic range.

It's all about choosing the right organic cosmetics supplier!

And to do this, you can base yourself on an unmistakable index: the quality of the products offered.

But what can you expect when it comes to body products?

Green Spa, your natural and organic cosmetics brand, gives you all the information on the issue!

Organic cosmetics for the body: what are the possibilities?

Today, organic and natural cosmetics are available in all flavors.

You can obviously find them in the facial product range, but let's focus only on body products.

From cleansing impurities to deep hydration , organic is always an option. Here are all the organic products that you can choose to renew your institute's ranges!

Organic body scrubs

Starting a deep treatment without cleaning the impurities: out of the question! To start your body care on the right foot, make sure to equip yourself with an organic scrub.

These are sugar scrubs or salt scrubs , scrubs with or without perfume, with oils to soften the skin or other natural ingredients…

In short, organic scrubs exist in all forms, to satisfy all types of customers .

These are treatments that are often found in the cabin, and which find their place very well in gift vouchers offered at the end of the year, or for birthdays.

It's quite simple: if you offer duo massages or relaxation massages after leaving the hammam, starting with a scrub is always a good idea!

If only from the point of view of the effectiveness of the treatment that will follow.

Organic scrubs have the advantage of removing impurities, on the surface and in depth. They cleanse the skin, which leaves the field completely free for the hydration that will follow.

By going through the exfoliation step, you increase the positive effects of your treatment tenfold. And therefore, you increase the satisfaction of your customer tenfold.

Especially with an organic composition , which takes care of the skin and the planet!

Organic shower and bath gels

In-cabin facial scrubs can be wiped off with a damp towel. But for body scrubs, it's a little more complicated.

Especially when the scrub in question has had time to rest, and all that remains are the countless exfoliating grains.

It is in this situation that having a shower cabin in the institute is an undeniable advantage. Your client can then rinse with clean water then dry herself, before continuing with the treatment.

However, nothing better to transform this shower into an excellent moment than to offer an organic shower gel consistent with your range of cosmetics !

Whether it's the scent or the texture , some beauty product suppliers also offer ranges of shower gels or bath gels.

It's a small detail that can make all the difference, and prolong the gentleness of a salon treatment.

Without forgetting that organic shower gels have a particularly pleasant texture .

Thanks to the presence of natural and vegan gelling agents, they slide easily on the skin and offer a touch that is almost similar to a massage in a cabin.

Because in an institute, even the showers have to be different!

Organic massage oils

And to continue a treatment, what could be better than perfectly relaxing the skin with an organic massage ?

You are free to choose an organic massage oil with a scent adapted to your client's preferences.

Dry oil or deeply moisturizing oil : organic cosmetics leave you spoiled for choice. It's up to you to choose what suits you best!

Unlike oils found in supermarkets, organic massage oils for professionals have many advantages:

  • The texture
  • The scent
  • The professional application!

When you give a massage with a professional organic oil, you will feel all the difference. And your client too!

The oil in question has a pleasant and optimal glide , while drying quickly enough not to stain clothes.

Without forgetting that as part of a body treatment or a massage , the use of an organic oil further strengthens the feeling of well-being.

Little tip: Have you ever noticed that when leaving massages, we always offer infusions and teas, but never sodas or syrups?

The reason is simple: depending on the world of your institute, massages are a natural way to reconnect with the body.

However, after reconnecting with the body, ingesting a transformed substance is not one of the priorities!

Hence the additional interest in using only natural and organic products.

Organic massage oils

Finally, whether for use in the cabin or in a resale format to your customers, butters and creams are the basics of professional care .

Opt for an organic body cream with a creamy texture and a captivating scent, to lastingly hydrate your client's skin.

While creating an unforgettable olfactory universe, paved with well-being and relaxation .

Organic skin butters are also part of the cosmetics that are often used in institutes.

And for good reason: their texture, just as moisturizing as the oil, is as pleasant to apply as the cream .

On contact with the heat of the skin, the organic butters delicately melt until they take on an oily form, without going through an overly liquid stage.

You can then freely apply a dab of butter to your client's skin, before providing a high-quality massage.

The butter effectively penetrates the skin, whether on the back, torso, arms, neckline or legs.

Enough to hydrate your clients' skin, with an unforgettable massage! And always focusing your massage on caring for the planet.

Choosing the right body cosmetics: it’s all a question of composition!

Making the best possible choice in terms of cosmetics supplier requires, above all, selecting the right products. And for that, we must analyze the composition and effectiveness of organic body products ! We often find natural gelling agents, a touch of aloe vera , oily macerates , plant extracts and active ingredients inspired by the effectiveness of nature. In all cases, take care to select suppliers who offer you a wide variety of textures, treatments and scents. Butters, scrubs, oils and creams must be available, to vary the pleasures of your customers. And once you know more about body care, why not wonder about facial care?