What does the Organic Agriculture label imply on cosmetic products?

What does the Organic Agriculture label imply on cosmetic products?

The composition of cosmetic products is always a fairly technical question.

Whether for facial cosmetics or body cosmetics, the reality is the same: focusing on naturalness is the best chance of satisfying customers!

As a beauty salon or spa, how do you make the right choices for your selection of professional cosmetics?

Summing up the composition of each product can take a little time... Especially when you have many different suppliers to choose from !

To avoid wasting time, you can start by referring to the organic cosmetic label . The organic labels and certifications found on product labels are an excellent indicator of whether cosmetics are worth the detour or not.

But here again, the choice is multiple: there are many different organic logos. In particular the “ AB ” logo, which means organic farming.

What does this logo imply?

What specifications can you expect?

Green Spa gives you all the information on the issue.

What is the Organic Agriculture label in cosmetics?

The AB logo is the property of the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry . This is a green logo that is often found affixed to the label of cosmetics.

It can also concern food products : the specifications remain the same.

Concretely, it is a label which lets you know that the cosmetics you are about to choose is made up of at least 95% products from organic farming. It may also indicate products that are 100% organic.

It has been one of the flagship logos in the world of cosmetics since 1985. Particularly because it sets numerous rules regarding the production, processing, importation and labeling of products.

The AB logo therefore follows the directives of a European regulation, which allows cosmetic producers to align with constant regulations.

Why choose cosmetics bearing the European Organic label?

Concretely, the Organic Agriculture logo is a guarantee of quality for cosmetics.

Particularly because it implies a certain control regarding the origin of ingredients and active ingredients .

However, as a relaxation institute or spa, it is essential to offer cosmetics of which you have perfect knowledge to your customers .

Above all to be able to adapt the choice of cosmetics to the nature of each client's skin .

And to do this, there’s nothing better than going natural ! Without forgetting that natural active ingredients tend to be much less aggressive for the epidermis .

You therefore minimize the risk of redness during treatments.

Achieving tailor-made skin care for the majority of customers is possible thanks to labels like AB.

For massages , moisturizing treatments or scrubs , nothing better than organic labels and certifications to focus on quality!

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