Effectively regenerate your cells with organic night cream

Effectively regenerate your cells with organic night cream

Skincare isn't just for the day! Certainly, when we go out to work or take a walk, our skin is subject to numerous external aggressions.

Pollution, fine particles... So many factors that can call into question the health of our skin. But this is also the case during the night.

When we sleep, the cells work, dust particles settle, impurities stored during the day resurface...

In short: if you are looking for an organic facial treatment , you don't have to stop at the day.

You also need to take care of your skin at night!

Cleanser , serum... But above all: a good night cream, adapted to the texture of your skin.

Green Spa helps you select the right night cream based on your skin type!

How to choose a night cream?

As a beauty salon or spa, you must be able to recommend certain night creams to your customers. It all depends on their skin type!

To know which night cream to choose, you must first identify the behavior of the skin during the night.

Does your skin tend to get greasy? On the contrary, when you wake up, do you need to deeply hydrate it ?

This will help you get an idea of ​​your skin's needs in terms of hydration , and therefore active ingredients.

It is essential to carry out your little investigation to find out whether you should recommend a moisturizing or firming night cream.

How to apply
an organic night cream?

Once you have found the ideal organic night cream, all that remains is to integrate it into your beauty routine ! Take care to apply your night cream before going to bed, at a time when you are sure that you will not leave the house. You must then take the time to remove your makeup, in order to remove all traces of makeup. You can also apply a facial cleanser, which helps eliminate all the impurities deposited on your skin during the day. Once your skin is completely dry, take a dab of cream in your palm, and warm it by rubbing your hands together. You can then apply the cream to your face in concentric circles, carefully avoiding the eyes and lip area. Using a delicate massage interspersed with small pressures, you help the cream penetrate effectively into your epidermis. Enough to effectively hydrate your skin, morning and evening!