Is a reactive cosmetic product supplier possible?

The must for satisfaction:
a responsive and accessible beauty product supplier

The year of a successful beauty salon can be summed up in 4 words: choosing the right supplier.

But these 4 very simple words imply a reality that is not so obvious. Where to start to make the right choice of cosmetic wholesaler for professionals?

So obviously, you have to take into account its products , its values , its reputation... But you also have to take into consideration the type of supplier it is.

Is he part of the category of suppliers who don't care about your business?

Or, on the contrary, does the well-being of your institute matter to him?

Not easy to deduce! Strangely, “ I don't care about my customers ” is not one of the mandatory statements on beauty product supplier sites ...

But then, how do you know if you are moving towards the right choice in terms of supplier, or if you should run away quickly and far? In order to help you see more clearly in this central problem, Green Spa points out an essential criterion: accessibility !

We explain everything about the issue, and how to know if a supplier is responsive, or rather classified as “ soft knee ”.

How to find an available and accessible beauty product supplier?

Accessibility is an essential criterion for choosing the right supplier for your beauty salon or spa . Indeed, we are never safe from a problem with your order, or from an urgent need for particular cosmetic products .

But how do you handle the situation if your supplier doesn't respond?

The same goes for returns on the products you choose. As a beauty institute or spa, you have opinions on the products , their scent , their texture, etc. And it is essential that these opinions are listened to.

Quite simply because it is YOU who is in direct contact with the end customers. And whether for cabin products or for resale products , it is necessary that your customers are satisfied.

But then, how do you know if a supplier is accessible and responsive before you can even work with them?

In reality, there is a whole range of clues that allow you to know, concretely, who you are dealing with.

You have access to their contact details very easily

The very first thing: you have access to their contact details without difficulty. And by contact details, we don't just mean a somewhat dubious and rarely consulted email address .

We mainly talk about telephone numbers , which are exposed on the site so you can find them quickly.

If a supplier puts their mobile number, you can be sure that they will be reachable. Otherwise, what is the point of placing it in plain sight?

Personal or professional phone, all that matters is that you have easy access to your contacts! You can therefore call him and ask him your questions, even before starting a collaboration with your future supplier.

He picks up when you call him

Providing a telephone number is already a very good point. And it's even better if someone picks up when you call!

Obviously, if you don't get a response on Saturday evening at 11 p.m., that's pretty understandable. But in usual work slots, it is essential that your cosmetic product supplier responds to you.

Or he offers to leave a message with your phone number to call you back. It may happen that the suppliers themselves are in an appointment, and cannot answer when you call them.

In all cases, an involved supplier is a supplier who does not let his phone ring in vain. He knows the importance of institutes and spas, and strives to be available and as responsive as possible.

You can make an appointment for telephone slots

You should also know that a responsive supplier is an organized supplier! To allow you to ask your questions in complete peace of mind, and to take the time to answer them, the cosmetic product supplier can also offer you a link to make a telephone appointment , or potentially by video .

There are many software and electronic calendars that allow you to make appointments and reserve time slots for a call. In this case, you enter your telephone number and reserve a slot and a particular day.

After receiving your reservation, the supplier will call you on the agreed day and time. You then have a more or less long window to question them about the quality of their products , the commitments of their brand, their vision of working in an institute... In short, everything that is important to you.

You receive the information by email

A good supplier is also a supplier who communicates ! He proposes new offers , he gives you his marketing plan for the coming seasons , he transmits information and the latest news in his company... In the same way that you inform your end customers , he informs you of the latest news.

This concern for information can be expressed by email, through a newsletter for example. You receive it on a more or less regular basis, which allows you to find out about offers not to be missed.

Regular information by email inevitably indicates that the beauty product supplier is active and responsive. It takes care to provide you with all the information, so that you can choose the products and take advantage of its advantageous offers.

The beauty product supplier is active on social networks

Finally, how can we talk about the accessibility of a wholesaler , without mentioning social networks? Facebook and Instagram are the two pillars in the world of well-being and cosmetics. You can therefore find out about the ethics and image of your supplier through their social networks.

This allows you to do a little analysis: does he post regularly? Does he post stories every day? Does he respond to comments ?

All these questions allow you to know if your future supplier is keen to establish a quality relationship with you and with the other institutes with which it deals. And the advantage is that they are available to you anywhere, anytime!

These are essential clues to know the daily management of your future wholesaler. In other words: to find out if you want to establish a professional relationship with this brand, or not.

Accessibility of the ideal beauty product supplier

A beauty product supplier must take great care of its client institutes and spas . And it all starts above all with responsiveness and accessibility !

Fortunately, there are many ways to find out where a provider stands on the accessibility scale . You can easily get information thanks to the internet and social networks. The best of the best to make your informed choice of supplier.

But these are not the only criteria to take into account when choosing the right wholesaler. To help you in your choice, we dissect all the characteristics of the ideal supplier for institutes:

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