Does your natural cosmetic supplier offer you payment facilities?

A natural cosmetics supplier who offers payment facilities: what more could you ask for?

It is often said that commercial relationships are the basis of the success of a business . And these are not just empty words: as a business owner , the relationships you maintain with your natural cosmetics supplier are inseparable from your success. This is why the choice of your professional cosmetics wholesaler is crucial . Wholesalers play a major role in the success of your beauty salon or spa. Quite simply because the well-being of your customers also depends on the quality of the products you offer.

But above all, the choice of your supplier simplifies your daily life. Or on the contrary, a lot of frustration.

If you choose a wholesaler who is not available , not responsive and who does not care about your best interests, some days may be problematic. The slightest problem can take days to resolve, without necessarily winning the case.

But choosing the right natural cosmetics supplier is not always easy.

It is even a thorny question, which involves taking into consideration a whole range of clues.

And in this bundle of clues, we find the payment facilities. The question can be summarized as follows: is your wholesaler trying to simplify your orders, and therefore your daily life?

If the answer is yes, it means you are on the right track to finding the natural cosmetics supplier that is right for you.

Payment facilities: what are we talking about?

Payment facilities can include several things: accepting different payment methods, providing secure payment on sales platforms, pre-orders, deferred payments, etc.

In all cases, the objective remains the same: to allow you to place orders based on the means available to you at the moment.

For example , when the end of year holidays or summer approach, you need to restock your stocks. And as you know that this is a period of high excitement, you must restock accordingly.

In other words: order in bulk to be sure not to miss anything.

However, these are high periods which follow fairly low periods of attendance in beauty salons and spas.

Which means, logically, that you do not necessarily have the means to advance your stock orders over two months.

This is where payment facilities come into play. And this is also where you can find out if a natural cosmetics supplier is worth your time or not.

Focus on the different payment facilities that can/should be offered to you!

Payment methods accepted

To start in a fairly basic way, payment facilities include the payment methods that are offered on the website of your organic cosmetics wholesaler .

For example, it can accept credit cards, secure payment platforms, transfers… It all depends on the wholesalers, but most of the time, we recommend that you choose a supplier that accepts payments by various credit cards.

Visa and MasterCard are the main ones. Diversity helps you make your payments and place your orders for the months to come.

Accessible sales platforms

Payment facilities also include the sites on which you can purchase products from your organic cosmetics supplier.

Indeed, if the latter only has its website , accessibility is limited. The best thing when choosing your wholesaler for the year is to choose one who offers its products on different platforms.

At the moment, more and more B2B platforms are appearing. This allows companies to sell their products only to professionals. As an institute, you therefore have the certainty that the products that you will offer in the institute will not be sold directly to your customers .

For example, you can get information from Faire or Ankorstore : two professional-to-professional sales platforms that are on the rise. In addition to offering you quick and diverse access to your supplier's products, platforms like this have many other advantages.

Notably the fact that, as they are sales platforms in their own right, they often offer offers and promotions throughout the seasons. You will then be able to benefit from discounts on products from your supplier , or on your first orders on the platforms.

To give you an example, when you place your first order on the Faire platform , you benefit from a free voucher of €300 excluding VAT. Which means you can buy €300 worth of Green Spa products, just by paying VAT.

It is such offers that allow you to restock your stocks, test products and prepare yourself to face peak periods in your institute.

Deferred payment

Let’s get to the heart of the matter of payment facilities. The diversity of payments is of course part of this, but it is not the center of the subject.

The center of the subject is: does your supplier allow you to restock your stocks without having to draw on your savings ?

Does it anticipate slow periods for your accounts, which are followed very closely by periods of high intensity for attendance at your beauty salon?

If this is the case, you can benefit from a payment facility such as deferred payment.

Deferred payment follows a fairly simple principle: you place your order, you receive it, and you only pay after a certain period, which could be 1 or 2 months, for example.

This allows you to make your sales within the framework of resale products, and therefore to replenish the coffers.

You therefore do not have to pay large sums upon receipt of your orders: you can take the time to sell your products to ensure the financial sustainability of your institute.

Pre-orders which are not invoiced immediately

Along the same lines, competent natural cosmetics suppliers also think about pre-orders. Have you ever had to deal with stock shortages of key products as peak seasons approach?

This is unfortunately one of the problems you may encounter on a daily basis. But not with pre-orders!

For example, you can order products and boxes before the Christmas holidays , to be able to ensure your stocks as this intense period approaches. And, of course, pre-orders are combined with deferred payment to avoid emptying your crates before you have a chance to fill them.

The best of the best to replenish your stocks , avoid any risk of stock shortages and to ensure the well-being of your beauty institute or spa!

Choose your natural cosmetics supplier based on payment options

The choice of cosmetics supplier is essential in an institute . Indeed, it is necessary to take the time to select a wholesaler who takes your best interests at heart. But where do you start when making this crucial choice?

There are many clues that help you answer the question “ Is this the right supplier for my institute ?”. And among these indices are payment facilities.

They are proof that your cosmetics supplier cares about you and your concerns. And it is a sine qua non condition to guarantee the smooth running of your commercial relationship.

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