Start a journey around the world at the World Massage Championship with Green Spa

Entamez un voyage autour du monde au Championnat du Monde de Massage avec Green Spa

Imagine a place where the best massage talents from around the world meet, sharing their love for the art of touch and their quest for well-being.

The World Massage Championship , organized by the International Massage Association , is that magical space where the passion for massage transcends borders and cultures.

This one-of-a-kind annual event brings together therapists from all backgrounds, each bringing their own essence and expertise into a vibrant celebration of diversity and excellence in the world of massage.

How does the competition take place?

The heart of the Championship beats to the rhythm of the different competition categories, designed to highlight the variety and richness of massage techniques around the world.

From classic massages to specialized therapeutic approaches, each category is a window into a particular aspect of the art of massage, providing participants with a platform to shine and share their unique expertise.

This year, it takes place from June 28 to 30, 2024, in Copenhagen. The opportunity to meet passionate professionals , like Green Spa!

An event that brings together all massage enthusiasts

Beyond the competition, the World Massage Championship is a place of exchange and discovery .

The workshops and seminars offered are special moments to learn, get inspired and improve.

Led by leading figures in massage and well-being, these enriching sessions allow participants to delve deeper into the secrets of massage, explore new techniques and open up to innovative perspectives.

The event is also a moment of recognition and celebration of the talent and devotion of masseurs.

The awards and distinctions awarded at the Championship not only recognize technical excellence , but also celebrate therapists' commitment to their art and their contribution to the well-being of others. It is a tribute to those who, through their hands and their hearts, make a real difference in people's lives.

It’s also an opportunity to test quality massage oils!

By participating in the World Massage Championship, therapists are not just joining a competition; they become members of a global community united by the belief that massage is a powerful vector of health, well-being and harmony.

It is a transformative experience, not only for the competitors but also for everyone who attends the event , witnessing the beauty and power of human touch.

The World Massage Championship is more than an event; it is an invitation to celebrate life, love and well-being through the universal art of massage. In this space of sharing and discovery, we are reminded of the vital importance of touch and human connection, making this event a true ode to the beauty of humanity.
And it's also the opportunity to discover all Green Spa products , including our beautiful massage oils!