Who are we ?

Green Spa was born from the initiative of 4 co-founders with a common objective : to ensure that wellness enthusiasts no longer have to choose between quality and accessibility .

This is the story of Geoffrey, Lou, Brice and Rémy, all 4 driven by the eco-responsible and quality values ​​that make Green Spa vibrate on a daily basis.

  • Geoffrey has worked in the field of professional cosmetics for over 10 years. Over the years, he wanted to give birth to his own brand, with an essential advantage: the accessibility of high-end products for everyone. His daily objective: to think about the best solutions to offer pure quality products at reduced prices.
  • Lou brings Green Spa’s visuals to life. She is the creative brain of the team, the one who makes the brand what it is in its colorful, green and responsible DNA on a daily basis. The voice of wisdom personified, with an unparalleled sense of design.
  • Brice takes care of the formulation and production of Green Spa treatments. He develops natural and organic compositions and ensures that Green Spa's eco-responsible specifications are followed on a daily basis. The quality of the products is everything!
  • Rémy supports Brice in the formulations, and gives birth to new ideas. In contact with the great outdoors and nature, it drives new ideas for scents and natural compositions for treatments.

Behind these 4 co-founders, there is an entire sales and communications team that works and is in contact with you on a daily basis. On social networks, by telephone, by email... They are there for you, supporting you and assisting you in choosing your ecological care.

Because in addition to all the quality requirements that Green Spa imposes , it is above all a human and responsive brand that works alongside you on a daily basis.

Being there for you, providing you with solutions, 100% natural cosmetics , scents that you like and advantageous offers, this is our everyday mission.

Green Spa is much more than a natural cosmetics brand. It's a philosophy of life.