How to choose your organic cosmetics supplier for an ecological institute?

How to choose your organic cosmetics supplier for an ecological institute?

How can you offer well-being and peace of mind to your customers if you don't trust the products you use?

As an ecological institute or spa, your know-how is not the only pillar of your success.

The quality of your natural care is just as essential! Whether for application of treatments in the cabin or for resale, it is important that your cosmetics are in harmony with the ethics of your institute.

And who says ecological quality cosmetics, also says supplier of organic cosmetics. But how do you choose among all the beauty product wholesalers ? Which one to choose ? Which cosmetics should you focus on to guarantee customer satisfaction?

It’s a bet with high stakes. And therefore a process of choice not to be neglected.

You don't know where to start when choosing your organic cosmetics supplier? Thanks to this short series of articles, Green Spa explains everything you need to know.

Do you want any concrete advice for choosing an organic cosmetics brand that reflects your image? Let's go !

The crucial choice of supplier
for an organic beauty institute

In a beauty salon, consumer satisfaction is essential. No matter how much you maintain your image on the internet or on networks , word of mouth remains the best marketing factor.

A satisfied customer is a customer who talks about you to those around her. And which brings back a whole new audience , already won over by your services.

To tip the scales in the minds of your customers , nothing is better than focusing on quality. Especially as an ecological spa or institute: your cosmetics should always reflect your ethical priorities.

If you defend the animal cause, your cosmetics must be certified vegan or cruelty free.

If you advocate respect for the planet, why not focus on recyclable packaging ?

Between your commitments and your actions, consistency is the mother of success. And to achieve it, it is important to choose the right supplier of organic cosmetics for ecological institutes . Here are 3 essential criteria to take into consideration!

1 | How to choose your supplier among organic cosmetics brands?

When you start your search for a supplier , it's not always easy.

You scour the ads on the internet, you receive a plethora of commercial catalogs, with cosmetics that look similar and whose descriptions are not clear.

But before you start making a selection regarding cosmetics ( we’ll come back to this later in this article ), ask yourself one point. Who is really the organic cosmetics wholesaler facing you?

The personality of your cosmetics supplier

Does he defend the same values ​​as you? Or does it follow purely commercial reasoning?

Does he have the right relationship with people, essential in the aesthetics and cosmetology professions? Or does it view its client institutes as mere numbers?

Is each organic cosmetic product certified?

Is he aware of the role he plays in the well-being of your customers?

And what about her vision of beauticians and wellness professionals?

These are questions that must be asked. Because collaborations between your company and a supplier are the cornerstone of the smooth running of your days.

Creating a commercial relationship with a cosmetics wholesaler who is not responsive and does not care about your purchasing power as an institute is to open the door to many hassles.

But then, which supplier to look for?

There is no perfect answer to this question. In the same way that there is no magic recipe to guarantee the success of your spa or ecological institute . In reality, here's what you need to keep in mind: it's all up to you!

The ideal choice depends on you, your vision of aesthetics, the priorities you give to the orientations of your institute... The perfect supplier does not exist.

But in any case, make sure you choose a wholesaler who is there for you, has your best interests at heart and cares about the satisfaction of your customers.

Quite simply because such concerns are immediately felt on the quality of organic beauty products.

2 | Organic cosmetic products offered for natural beauty

And speaking of the quality of cosmetic treatments ! This is the second essential selection criterion for working with the right supplier of natural cosmetic products .

When you scan the websites and commercial catalogs of candidates, pay particular attention to the ranges of cosmetics offered.

The effectiveness of facial and body treatments

This is in fact a second, very telling indicator of a wholesaler's priorities . Check what each product advocates, in order to deduce the guidelines of its commercial preferences.

For example, do they have many natural vegan beauty products?

Are its cosmetics focused on invigorating, relaxing, hydrating, anti-aging, etc. ?

What do the products in question look like? What assets are used?

So many questions that need an answer to help you make the right choice! Do not hesitate to ask for information about those that interest you, so as not to leave anything to chance. Again, the choice of cosmetics and therefore your supplier should not be taken lightly.

These are products that you will apply to the body and face of your customers. But also those that you will offer for sale just after the treatments.

How to sell a cosmetic if you don't believe in its effectiveness ? And even more so if the supplier you work with doesn't care about the well-being of your customers.

Which cosmetic products should you turn to?

Again, there is no right answer: it's all up to you. But overall, you can find out about the presence of a possible organic label . Or on the ecological quality of packaging. Or even on the natural benefits of cosmetics.

All these questions allow you to fully understand the product. And therefore to be able to offer it to your customers, with complete peace of mind. Making an informed choice is important!

3 | The natural components of a natural cosmetic product

Finally, the last selection criterion without which it is impossible to choose your designated wholesaler : the composition of the products it offers.

Skim all the products and their compositions

If you are reading this article, it probably means that your spa or salon follows ecological principles .

However, how can you claim to be an ecological institute if you don't care about the composition of organic products ?

Among all the analyzes you can do, it is therefore essential that your products consist of natural ingredients.

Essential oil , vegetable oils , argan , clay , shea butterNatural cosmetics are full of surprises.

The practical tip:

The world of organic cosmetics follows established rules; it is almost impossible to have 100% natural cosmetics and treatments.

Each cosmetic must contain alcohols, preservatives and perfumes which are not necessarily from organic farming.

Nor even exclusively ingredients of natural origin.

But there is a huge difference between the creams you find in supermarkets, and the organic cosmetic products for organic beauty salons that you can offer with complete peace of mind.

Which range of treatments should you choose?

Overall, the most reliable cosmetics are completely transparent about their composition. You can then see that the active ingredients are derived from plant essence.

Or fruity flavors resulting from natural extraction, carried out according to the health rules of a laboratory.

Do not hesitate to ask your questions to the wholesaler you are interested in. His answers can be a great clue: if he can explain all the components of his products to you, you know he has nothing to hide! And that you can offer natural products to your customers with complete peace of mind.

Tips for choosing the right cosmetics brand

At Green Spa, we know that it is not always easy to select the supplier of organic cosmetics for your ecological institute . Furthermore, how do you know who you are facing?

There are clues that allow you to infer the personality of your supplier. For example, how does he react if you ask him for samples of his product line ? Does he automatically offer them, or does he refuse for obscure reasons?

In the same way, you can analyze the popularity of the wholesaler. Are its products taken up by B2B sales platforms ? Is customer feedback positive?

All these clues allow you to know more about the person you have in front of you. Because ultimately, choosing the right supplier of organic cosmetics means choosing a company that cares about you and your best interests.

Do you need more concrete help?

Consult the rest of the Green Spa guide for choosing an ecological and organic cosmetics supplier, and find the answers to all your questions!