The importance of choosing the right treatment linen in an institute

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When you are at the head of an institute or a relaxation establishment, you have to think of everything! Now you know: the devil is in the details.

For example, you know that you must carefully choose the cosmetic products that you offer to your customers. But have you also thought about linen for professional spas?

Towels, bathrobes, textile squares to dry your hands... Spa linen is available for all needs. And if you want to offer an optimal experience to your customers , there is no doubt: you have to choose it carefully.

Green Spa, your favorite cosmetic supplier for professionals , is aware of this. And that's why we're getting ready to offer our first soft, fleecy treatment towels .

But before talking to you about it in more detail, let's take the time to take a look at the question of care linen. We tell you everything on the subject!

What is care linen for a relaxation institute?

Treatment linen is a bit like the wardrobe of a salon: it must be both functional and aesthetic.

It includes the soft towels that caress the skin during a treatment on the massage table, the horsehair gloves that remove impurities, the bathrobes to wrap yourself in after scrubs... So all the textile elements that your clients use.

But professional spa linen is also all the little ones, the small textile materials for wiping your hands in the toilet, the hot towels for the face , for the hair.

Either way, each piece is important and contributes to the overall customer experience. That’s why you have to choose it wisely!

Professional spa linen

Why choosing the right care linen is so important?

Like everything, the choice of professional spa linen is essential to offer a complete and coherent experience to your client . If you have a luxury salon but only offer paper towels to dry your hands, the immersion risks being broken.

Discover all the reasons why you need to choose the right spa linen.

Customer comfort at the heart of the experience

First of all, if spa linens are so specific, it is because they are used on a daily basis. For example, the towel that covers the massage table : if it is rough and uncomfortable, needless to say, the experience risks being tainted.

Customer comfort is paramount, and care linen plays a crucial role. Good care linen should be soft, absorbent and welcoming , creating an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation.

This is also why Green Spa decided to create its own towel ! With imposing dimensions of 120 centimeters x 200 centimeters and a density of 500 gr/m2, it covers the massage table with a soft and warm veil.

Your clients can sit on this beautiful black towel , embroidered with the Green Spa logo by hand.

Hygiene and health in your spa

Another essential factor when choosing the right professional spa linen: hygiene is the pillar of any beauty institute.

Care linen must be easy to wash and resistant to numerous uses and disinfections. Poor quality linen can become a breeding ground for bacteria, compromising the health of clients and the image of the institute.

After each treatment , each massage , each scrub , you must be able to wash your treatment towel without fear. Hence the usefulness, for Green Spa, of choosing a towel made in Portugal and made of a solid and resistant material .

That way, there’s no doubt about its durability!

A reflection of the values ​​of your institute or spa

Finally, care linen is also a key element of the institute's brand image.

Neat outfits for employees and high-end linen for customers convey a message of professionalism and quality.

Without forgetting that if you run an institute that advocates ecological values ​​and you use disposable protections for your massage table, consistency is broken... Choosing the right professional spa linen therefore also means maintaining a coherent image for the eyes of your customers.

Professional spa linen

How to choose the right spa linen?

Now, the crucial question: how to choose the right professional spa linen?

As with the selection of your cosmetic supplier, it is a crucial choice, which depends on many criteria.

Quality First !

First of all, focus on quality ! Spa linen must be soft and comfortable, and for that there is nothing safer than choosing high quality materials.

Yes, it may cost a little more, but consider it an investment in customer satisfaction and product durability.

Pleasant sensations to the touch

Gentleness is king. Choose fabrics that are pleasant to the touch to ensure an exceptional user experience.

For treatment towels, bathrobes and even hand towels. After all, who doesn't like to feel pampered?

Easy to maintain materials

Choose fabrics that are easy to wash and can withstand frequent disinfection. Hygiene is non-negotiable!

Your spa linen must be able to be washed many times without losing its softness. This is called sustainable linen , and it makes all the difference, both for your ecological commitments and for the well-being of your wallet.

Eco-friendly professional spa linen

Style matters too! Make sure the treatment linen matches the decor and theme of your salon. It’s the icing on the customer experience cake.

To be able to adapt to all interior decorations , at Green Spa we have chosen to keep it simple: our large soft towel is black, with two white handmade embroidery on the edges.

Minimalist and very simple, this design adapts to all decorations and conveys an image of luxury that will inevitably please your customers and clients.

What if you made the right choice with Green Spa for your spa linen?

Choosing the right care linen for your institute is not a task to be taken lightly. It is a declaration of your commitment to comfort, hygiene, and professionalism.
Make this choice a reflection of your excellence: opt for the know-how and commitment of Green Spa alongside quality.