Before choosing an organic cosmetics wholesaler, find out from the professional press!

Before choosing an organic cosmetics wholesaler, find out from the professional press!

We can never say it enough.

If you run a beauty salon , the basis of your success is none other than the products you offer.

In addition to your know-how, your commercial sense, your sympathy, your ability to retain customers…

The pillars of the popularity of a treatment institute are numerous. And one of the major foundations remains the quality of the cosmetics that you offer to your customers.

Whether in the cabin or in resale format after their care, the reliability of your products is essential. And for that, you have to choose the right supplier of organic cosmetic products.

But how to do it ?

How do you know which organic cosmetics wholesaler is preferable?

How to make your choice before even testing the products?

In reality, you have plenty of weapons just waiting to be used.

We're not talking here about doing your research on the internet, or asking colleagues from other institutes...

We are talking about a professional source, which aims to keep you informed of the latest news in the cosmetics world.

And this source is the professional cosmetic press.

Magazine, social networks, newsletters…

Green Spa explains everything you can about the information you can obtain from the professional press to choose your organic cosmetics supplier!

The professional press in the cosmetics world: who are they?

There are professional press references in all areas. Whether in the metallurgy, industry, e-commerce sector…

And also in the field of beauty and relaxation .

They are professionals who, like you and us, work for the beauty and well-being of our customers .

They know all the tricks of the trade, and their goal is simple: to make your daily life smoother!

As a beautician or masseuse , you can follow certain pundits in the professional press to keep up to date with the latest news.

And also to make crucial choices, like selecting your new beauty supplier.

They are called Nouvelles Aesthetics , Spa and Beauty, Beauty Forum… And they offer magazines or subscriptions to their newsletter.

But above all, they are true archives in terms of beauty and innovation!

You can find information on all levels, whether it's news , latest releases, hot suppliers... Everything you need is between the pages of their magazines .

Among all the professionals in the cosmetic press, we will especially talk about Aesthetic News . They are a real reference for beauticians and beauty professionals, because their teams know the field inside out.

Made up of beauty professionals, they know what they are talking about.

Through a digital or physical magazine or by subscribing to their newsletter, you can access all the latest news in the world of beauty.

And to make the information even more accessible, Nouvelles Esthétiques also organizes an annual Congress, and publishes videos regularly to present the latest trends .

You can thus obtain all the necessary information from their content, designed for professionals in health and beauty institutes.

What is their role in the world of beauty?

Concretely, what role does the professional press play in our daily lives?

Like many sectors of activity, cosmetic beauty is evolving very quickly. Every day, there are new massage techniques , new fashions in the world of nail care or slimming treatments ...

And as a beautician, it is essential to keep yourself informed.

Not only to be up to date and offer treatments adapted to the changing desires of your clients.

But also to be able to renew your treatment and product card frequently enough to pique the interest of your customers.

Professional media such as Nouvelles Esthétiques then bring you complete weekly information on innovations in the cosmetics and beauty sector.

Suppliers, ingredients, products, packaging... All this data is processed and offered to you in order to allow you to stay up to date in your training.

Enough to learn new things every day, in order to increase the well-being of your customers!

Where to find all the information from the professional cosmetic press?

The advantage of the professional cosmetic press is that you can find their information in many forms.

You can find out about the networks .

You can subscribe to their newsletter .

You can receive their magazine or catalog weekly or monthly.

In short: you are spoiled for choice as to the format in which you want to enjoy all these new features.

And it’s an excellent way to move forward in choosing your organic cosmetics wholesaler!

Thanks to the professional press, you have all the information on the innovations and products of each supplier that is making waves.

Enough to make the right choices for your beauty salon!