Choosing the best organic facial serum for your skin

Organic face cream, the holy grail for skin beauty

Facial skin requires special care. Indeed, it is particularly fine, sensitive and subject to external aggression.

And when creams and masks are no longer enough, you have to move up a gear. This speed is that of the very particular organic facial treatment that is the facial serum.

But not just any one!

The facial care serum is a particularly concentrated cosmetic product. To avoid nourishing your skin with chemical and industrial products, there is only one solution: opt for organic.

But how to choose an organic facial serum?

When to apply it?

And above all: how?

Green Spa gives you all the information on the question of caring for your face.

What is a facial serum?

Facial serum is not like all other cosmetics . It is a particularly concentrated treatment, which offers numerous benefits for the skin.

Liquid and sometimes thick due to its concentration of nutrients, it is a treatment that provides everything the skin may need on a daily basis.

It is not generally used as a moisturizer. It is rather a treatment that is applied weekly, as deep protection of the epidermis .

The serum is more of a protective layer of care than simple hydration .

The ultimate advantage of this facial treatment is that it can fully adapt to the needs of all skin types .

Mature skin , dry skin , sensitive skin , oily skin ... You will definitely find something to dress your skin with the serum you need!

Why choose an organic facial serum?

The serum therefore has a concrete and undeniable utility. But why choose an organic serum ?

We are increasingly finding organic or natural cosmetics in beauty salons and spas . And that's a very good thing!

Indeed, over the years, many industrial cosmetic products have suffered repeated scandals. Carcinogenic raw materials, burns on overly sensitive skin…

Until reaching this conclusion: chemicals are not good for the skin.

This is why many brands (including Green Spa) strive to offer only organic and natural cosmetics. In order to preserve the balance of the epidermis without damaging it, there is nothing better than nature!

In addition, with the immense variety of plant extracts, essential oils , oily macerates, vegetable oils ... You can absolutely select an organic serum adapted to the skin of your face.

Whether it is a question of sensitivity or the desired benefits, there is always a suitable organic serum. Moisturizing , sebum regulator, stimulating, energizing... It is always possible to find a suitable serum.

It's a little concentrate of well-being, which provides your facial skin with all the nutrients and trace elements it needs.

How and when to apply your facial serum?

We recommend applying the facial serum approximately every 2 days. Indeed, it is a facial treatment that is particularly concentrated, and which often has an oily base. If you put it on every day or several times a day, it may saturate your skin and prevent it from breathing. Usually, we begin the application of the serum by cleansing the skin. You can use a natural cleanser , and rinse your skin with lukewarm water or a warm, soaked towel. This is an essential step to rid your epidermis of impurities that are deposited on the surface during the day and night. You can then apply your serum using regular concentric movements. If you can, try to leave a thin damp film on the surface of your epidermis (using a spray, for example). This allows the skin to relax, in order to better benefit from the benefits of the serum. Regarding the amount of serum needed for the face: 4 or 5 drops are more than enough! Don't forget to warm the product by rubbing it between your palms, for a more pleasant application. And there you have it: your skin is now deeply nourished and hydrated !