How do you know what a professional organic cosmetic supplier is worth? Reputation among institutes

How do you know what a professional organic cosmetic supplier is worth? Reputation among institutes

Are you having trouble choosing yoursupplier of organic cosmetic products ?

You don't know where to start when selecting the products for your shelves?

Are you afraid of ordering cosmetics from a wholesaler that isn't worth it?

For all these problems, there is one solution: take the time to choose your professional organic cosmetic supplier!

Indeed, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It is essential to choose the products and wholesalers you trust.

Quite simply because creams , oils , scrubs and butters are one of the pillars of your success as a beauty institute or spa.

But how do you know if a supplier deserves your attention or not?

Instead of testing suppliers randomly, there are reliable sources of information that help you make the right choices.

For example, why not look at the opinions of your colleagues in other institutes and spas?

Green Spa tells you all about it!

The reputation of organic cosmetics suppliers:
ask your sisters!

Nothing better than asking other professionals to know the real quality of cosmetic products.

Have you spotted a cosmetics supplier that may interest you?

Do you want to know the reality of his work, without necessarily placing an order?

Don’t hesitate to ask advice from other institutes and spas ! Those who have already placed an order with this supplier, and who can give you clear information on the real conditions of use of the products.

This allows you to know the quality, texture and scents of the products. You also have critical feedback from people who work in the beauty world, and who have the same priorities as you.

For example, you can know if a massage oil is too greasy , or on the contrary if its feel is designed for optimal results.

You can tell if the scents are too strong, and tend to be unpleasant for customers.

Or on the contrary if they are light and soft, creating a real olfactory universe during your treatment.

In addition, you can have precise and concrete information on the behavior of a wholesaler.

Is it responsive?

Can you contact him easily?

Does he respond on time?

Are their packages of good quality? This is an excellent way to know if the supplier meets your expectations and the ethical values ​​of your beauty salon.

Where can I find opinions from other institutes?

But where can you find all this information?

There are actually many sources of information.

You can first of all create links with other healthcare institutes in your city. An excellent way to exchange tips and good deals in the long term!

Otherwise, you can also go to the social networks of the provider in question. The latter will perhaps be identified in the publications of institutes which use their products.

You can then view the publications, and even send a message directly to the spa for information.

You can always go to the wholesaler's Google page and customer reviews. It is a direct source of information, which can be very complete.

Use reviews wisely!

You now know that it is important to contact other institutes for information on a professional organic cosmetic supplier.

And you also know where to find this information.

But there is one thing left to know: it is essential to take opinions with a grain of salt.

Don't forget that some institutes do not have the same priorities as you, nor the same perception of things.

If the wholesaler has only good reviews with only a few negative feedback, this means that in the majority of cases, their products are satisfactory and pleasant to use.

Conversely , if the majority of feedback is negative and nothing changes, this is a good indicator not to order from this supplier, even if its products are cheaper!

Do you have doubts ? Green Spa also recommends that you call the supplier directly with your questions.

Nothing better to form your opinion than to contact a wholesaler directly!