Ecocert, the quality label for all professional cosmetics!

Ecocert, the quality label for all professional cosmetics!

In the cosmetics world , certain certifications carry more weight than others. As do certain certification bodies and label groups !

If you are looking for the ideal organic cosmetic label for your beauty institute or spa, you will probably find what you are looking for with the Ecocert label.

This is a particularly popular label in the world of cosmetics . And it's not for nothing: its rigorous specifications make it a real guarantee of quality for cosmetic products.

For both the body and the face, the Ecocert label is a reference. Green Spa explains why!

What is the Ecocert label?

The Ecocert label in the world of cosmetics is actually divided into two different labels :

  • The ecological cosmetic label
  • The ecological and organic cosmetic label

Concretely, it is a label which guarantees that 95% of cosmetic ingredients are of natural origin.

But then, each version has its own specificities .

Ecological cosmetics claims that 5% of the product is made from certified organic ingredients, as are over 50% of plant-based ingredients.

Regarding the ecological and organic cosmetic label, it states that 10% of the total composition of the product is certified organic, as are 95% of the ingredients of plant origin.

The objective of this label is therefore to ensure respect for the planet and the environment, at all stages of the manufacturing of cosmetic products.

You therefore know that cosmetics bearing the Ecocert label are products that respect the environmental ethics of your institute.

What does the Ecocert label imply?

But concretely, how does the Ecocert label apply to cosmetics?

It covers the main environmental impacts. In particular, it is a label which implies diligent monitoring of all key stages of the product life cycle.

In addition to the percentage required for ingredients of organic origin , Ecocert imposes precise regulations regarding product selection criteria.

Here are the criteria:

  • Ingredients must meet non-toxicity and biodegradability criteria
  • Actions are being implemented by cosmetic producers to optimize the recyclability of packaging
  • Ingredients of natural origin cannot be processed

This therefore means favoring natural and organic ingredients, but also cosmetics design companies that care about their ecological impact.

It is an authentic label, a real guarantee of quality for suppliers, but also for cosmetics .

Why choose cosmetics bearing the Ecocert label?

The Ecocert label is a real guarantee of reliability for cosmetic products. It is above all a label which goes much further than the simple analysis of the composition of the products.

Indeed, its concerns also focus on maintaining biodiversity , and on constantly improving the label's specifications.

It is one of the rare labels that takes into consideration the evolution of mentalities, but also constraints on the ground.

A guarantee of quality for cosmetic products , you can trust Ecocert with your eyes closed!

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