Get rid of impurities with the right organic facial cleanser

Get rid of impurities with the right organic facial cleanser

simply because the face is the area of ​​the body that is most subject to external aggression. Pollution, temperature changes... To avoid redness , patches or irritation , it is essential to choose the right organic facial care products. But before applying any type of treatment, there is an obligatory step that should not be neglected: cleaning the epidermis.

And this is also a crucial choice that must be made carefully! Green Spa gives you all the information on organic facial cleansers.

Why clean your face before applying a treatment?

First of all: why take the time to clean your face before applying your treatments?

Day and night, many impurities are deposited on the surface of our epidermis. These are fine particles of pollution or dust, which can penetrate the pores of our skin and create acne problems, preventing the skin from breathing.

If you apply a cream or oil without cleansing your face, you will just push these harmful particles in further. Which is absolutely counterproductive for the health of your skin.

It is therefore essential to select a good quality facial cleanser , to allow your skin to better assimilate the benefits of your cosmetics .

But why choose an organic facial cleanser ?

Why choose an organic facial cleanser?

The benefits of organic can be summed up in one sentence: nothing better than nature to take care of the skin!

Unlike cosmetics found in supermarkets and stores, organic facial cleansers are made only from natural and organic ingredients.

No parabens, no phthalates or sodium in harmful form... The composition of organic cleansers is inspired by what nature does most beautifully.

The active ingredients are often taken from plants, flowers or fruits, which makes the cleanser much less aggressive for facial skin, which is sometimes sensitive.

Not to mention that most of the components found in large surface cleaners have sometimes problematic side effects. And can cause an allergic reaction.

Nothing better to take care of the skin than to return to a natural origin!

How to apply organic cleanser to your face?

The organic facial cleanser should be used before applying all your treatments. Generally speaking, it is recommended to apply it in the morning and evening. The application itself depends a lot on the nature of the cleanser and its texture. If you have a cleanser with a creamy or oily texture, you don't need to moisten the surface of your epidermis . But with an emulsion , this may be necessary in order to obtain the desired texture. Once the cleanser is applied to your skin, simply rinse it thoroughly. All you have to do is apply your facial cosmetics to start the day off right!