Cosmetics supplier: essential services for institutes

What services should your cosmetics supplier ABSOLUTELY offer?

Your beauty salon operates according to your rules and your desires.

But in your daily life, the quality of your well-being is also governed by one thing, completely independent of your will: the relationship you maintain with your professional cosmetics wholesaler.

Indeed, if the latter is not responsive, does not respond to your questions or decides to play dead on a regular basis, you risk finding yourself faced with sometimes unpleasant situations.

Whether for simple everyday actions or for complete orders of your cosmetics stocks : having a good relationship with your cosmetics supplier is essential.

The only problem is that we sometimes realize a little too late that our supplier is not what we hoped for.

To avoid getting to this point and having to completely change your range during the year, there are many clues that you can take into account to know who you are dealing with.

Among all these clues are the services offered by your cosmetics wholesaler . Green Spa explains what you can expect from a quality supplier!

The services of your cosmetic supplier

The services offered by suppliers help you to have a fairly precise idea of ​​the person you are dealing with. Why ? Quite simply because they reflect the supplier's priorities , what he considers important, and the way in which he treats the beauty institutes and spas with which he works.

However, the idea of ​​“ services ” can seem quite broad. It is therefore normal to ask yourself the question: what do you have the right to expect from a cosmetics supplier who takes your best interests at heart?

Green Spa answers this question to guide you in choosing the ideal organic cosmetics wholesaler.

Sending free samples

How do you know that you will like cosmetic products if you have not tested them?

The first service you can claim is the sending of product samples. These are often cosmetics in smaller caps , which allow you to test the products on yourself, on your loved ones or on clients used to your institute.

The samples allow you to discover the scents, the textures, the moisturizing quality... In short, everything you need to take into account to choose products effectively.

However, the samples are also a real ecological disaster. These small bottles are not always recyclable , and often pollute a lot during production. Not forgetting the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the delivery of samples to spas throughout France!

If your beauty salon adopts an ecological approach, this is not necessarily a good idea.

But again, the supplier can adapt to you. Beyond offering to send samples , it can also offer you the opportunity to take advantage of a product launch offer.

This is for example the case of Green Spa, which works in collaboration with Faire, the B2B sales platform which supports French start-ups. This platform offers a voucher of €300 excluding tax on many products, including Green Spa products.

You can therefore, by registering on Faire, order natural cosmetics for €300. You will only have to pay VAT on this large order!

Promotional offers

Closely linked to Faire's offering are commercial and promotional offers. Indeed, an established supplier must also take into account the financial well-being and sustainability of your beauty salon.

It is therefore essential that it offers you seasonal offers , or discounts on product packs. No matter what form these offers take, they must have one objective: to allow you access to a large number of organic cosmetics at a lower cost.

Promotional offers relate to seasonal products , product packs or cosmetic discovery launches. All that matters is that they are done in your best interest!

Marketing plans for the long term

In addition to flash promotional offers , a good cosmetics supplier has the particularity of taking your organization into account. For example, we know that before rush periods like the end-of-year holidays, you need to stock up in advance.

These stocks allow you to have enough resale products and cabin products to meet the needs of your customers. Indeed, during these periods the gift boxes come one after the other: these are gift ideas that are always a pleasure, especially when they contain natural cosmetics!

You must therefore be able to place orders in advance. Or at least have transparent visibility into the seasonal offers your supplier plans to make.

To find out about this, there's nothing better than checking the newsletters or marketing plans offered by your wholesaler! The latter must communicate in complete transparency about the offers it intends to make, in order to allow you to make choices.

As an institute , you do not only work with a single organic cosmetics supplier: you have several partners . It is therefore important that you can place your orders with one or the other, depending on the most interesting offers.

But to do this, you must have total visibility on the prices charged, the boxes put in place, the offers for you... All the data that will allow you to choose what you plan to order to cope with peak periods.

This is also why Green Spa sends you its marketing plans in advance, and over several months. Between the discounts, promotional offers, gifts and boxes : you can view all of what we are going to offer you in the coming weeks! And sometimes even pre-order the products you want.

Taking your feedback into account

The last service that your supplier should offer you is not a service per se, but rather a way of thinking and acting. As a beauty salon, you are our direct customers.

You are the one who is in contact with customers, and who deals with feedback , whether positive or negative.

Well, we take this feedback into account!

At the start of the launch of Green Spa oils , you told us that the texture obtained was too oily. Never mind: we have modified the quality of our oils to achieve optimal results in terms of feel.

Your returns should be taken seriously by your supplier . And through all possible channels! You must be able to contact him by telephone, by email or through social networks. A responsive wholesaler is essential for the quality of your daily life within the institute.

Choose your cosmetics supplier based on the services they offer

The profile of the perfect cosmetics wholesaler is divided into many components. Whether it is its responsiveness, the speed of its responses, its efficiency in processing requests... To make the right choices, take the time to identify the wholesaler that really suits you.

To help you in this process, Green Spa dissects for you the behavior of the perfect cosmetics supplier:

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  • A natural cosmetics supplier who offers payment facilities: what more could you ask for?
  • The choice of organic cosmetics wholesaler for professionals: the diversity of delivery
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