Beware of Green Washing! Ecological scandals in the cosmetic world

Beware of Green Washing! Ecological scandals in the cosmetic world

Are you having trouble choosing cosmetic products for your beauty salon or spa?

Are you unable to identify the right products remotely?

Do supplier catalogs seem incomprehensible to you?

Choosing creams , oils and scrubs is essential for a spa. But it is also particularly difficult.

Especially when it comes to making a selection remotely, without having been able to try the cosmetics for yourself.

Fortunately, there are some unmistakable clues. Among these indices, we find in particular the cosmetic product certification logos .

This certification lets you know what to expect, both from a quality and ethical perspective .

However, some cosmetic brands hide behind logos and the use of tricks, to make you believe in the ethical quality of their products.

This is what we call green washing , and it is one of the major issues for ethical beauty salons .

Green Spa explains everything about green washing and its consequences!

What is green washing?

What we call green washing is the ability of certain brands to hide behind false signs indicating that a product is organic or natural.

In other words, it is when a cosmetics supplier makes choices to make consumers believe that its products are natural or organic.

For example, you will find the word Pure or Natural in the name of the product.

Or the packaging will be entirely green, covered with small flowers.

Or, you will find logos that look like certifications , but which are not.

Many brands today add the word organic to the name of their products, to suggest that they meet the requirements of the organic designation.

Although this is not the case at all.

Faced with this, consumers (and sometimes even beauty professionals ) are fooled and buy the product.

It is only the study of the label that reveals the deception: everywhere, parabens , silicone and other unpronounceable industrial substances... We end up with a product that we thought was organic, but which we doesn't want to spread on our skin at all.

A real boon for cosmetics suppliers (when they don't get caught)! And a great disappointment for consumers who do not take the time to read the labels.

However, as a beauty salon, you cannot afford to fall for this.

It is essential that you know the products you sell, to be able to advise them to your customers with all conscience.

And this is why we chose to write an article on green washing. Being aware is the first step to avoiding this ecological scandal!

How to avoid being trapped by green washing?

As a beauty professional and even as a consumer, it is essential to protect yourself against the harmful effects of green washing.

To do this, there are not several solutions: you have to be careful!

Take the time to read the labels to find out about the components of each product, especially regarding their active ingredients.

You can also rely on cosmetic labels and certifications , which are awarded by fully independent organizations .

With these certifications, there is no doubt: their specifications are necessarily respected. An excellent solution for choosing products in line with the ethics of your institute!

Do you need additional information about certifications? Green Spa helps you answer all these questions: