Green Spa, a revolution in organic and natural cosmetics

Green Spa has a very specific reason for being: to provide everything professionals need, on a silver platter. The founders , experts in the world of professional cosmetics , were tired of seeing institutes , spas and wellness centers having to choose between quality and accessibility.

It was at the meeting between high-end cosmetics , natural values ​​and accessibility that Green Spa was born. Discover the history of this brand resulting from a true cosmetic Big Bang.

A natural cosmetics brand launching in 2021

Green Spa was born in 2021, following a determined objective: to offer high quality , ecological , natural cosmetic products , made in France , and respectful of the environment.

Green and quality values ​​are in the brand's DNA, since its beginnings and over the years. It all starts first with a range of organic and natural body care products . It will then be followed by a range of facial treatments, always respectful of the environment.

Over the years, the Green Spa teams have grown. But the final objective always remains the same: to be able to offer natural, high-quality care at attractive prices for professionals.

It is this unique DNA that makes the brand specific, and appeals to so many professionals around the world.

Eco-responsible, high-quality care

The particularity of Green Spa lies in its determination to use organic and natural ingredients.

This quest for excellence has led to the obtaining of the prestigious Bio Cosmos Organic certification by Ecocert for numerous products.

This certification is a guarantee of quality and commitment to rigorous environmental and ethical standards , assuring customers that the products they use are not only effective, but also responsibly produced.

Because for Green Spa, in addition to focusing on natural ingredients and recyclable bottles , we have to go even further. This is why all Green Spa treatments are made in France , in Meaux.

Let yourself be guided by respect for the environment and the search for quality alongside Green Spa!

Products inspired by nature

Green Spa has always been inspired by nature: nothing better than walking in forests , countryside and on French beaches to find the next limited edition fragrances .

Each Green Spa product is a perfect fusion of science and nature, with ideal textures and captivating fragrances that transform beauty routines into luxurious and sensory experiences.

The brand's vegan commitment underlines in particular its non-cruelty policy and its respect for all forms of life.

Accessible, high-end professional cosmetics

Finally, accessibility is another cornerstone of the Green Spa philosophy.

The founders have always believed that quality should not be a luxury, and have therefore worked to make organic and natural cosmetics affordable for everyone, without ever compromising the brand values.

The resale prices offered to professionals always include a significant margin. Because your satisfaction is what matters most, and the brand's objective is above all to take care of you.

In just a few years, Green Spa has not only redefined natural and organic beauty but also set new standards in the cosmetics industry.

What if you too counted on a reliable professional cosmetics brand ?