Wholesaler of organic cosmetics for professionals: what delivery method?

The choice of organic cosmetics wholesaler for professionals: the diversity of delivery

Imagine: you place an order, and the wholesaler of organic cosmetics for professionals with whom you work informs you that you will receive your products in 2 months. However, you had not anticipated such a delay. How are you going to do without a whole range of products for almost 2 months?

This type of problem can have many negative effects on the sustainability of your beauty salon or spa. And it is for this reason that at Green Spa, we encourage you to choose your professional cosmetics wholesaler carefully.

Because the right choice of supplier can be a game-changer. Of course, it can greatly improve your daily life, making it more fluid and simpler. But like the example above, it can also have an immediate impact on the financial well-being of your beauty salon.

And on the satisfaction of your customers.

But choosing the perfect supplier is no easy feat. To make the right choices, you have to take into account a whole range of clues . And in this wide range, there is delivery.

More precisely, the delivery options.

We will explain everything to you !

Delivery options:
the cornerstone of a simplified daily life

As a beauty salon or spa, delivery and orders are part of your daily life. From one season to the next, you place an order for body or face products from your official supplier.

Or from the wholesaler of organic cosmetics for professionals with whom you are currently working.

No matter your business relationship, when you place an order, you may need the cosmetic products quickly. Or, on the contrary, not for a few months. It all depends on the situation and the crowds in your institute.

In any case, one thing matters: that you have a choice.

Because a late delivery or, on the contrary, too fast, can encroach on your daily program, and upset the balance on which your institute rests. To be able to fully concentrate on the well-being and satisfaction of your customers , you must have the choice.

And this choice begins above all in the delivery options offered to you. Focus on the essential possibilities that your wholesaler must offer you with each order!

Delivery to your institute

The first option concerns the delivery location. This is now commonplace, but it is important that you can get delivery directly to your institute , or to your home.

Indeed, some orders for cosmetic products are substantial. Delivery to a relay point, although more ecological, may be much less practical for you. Especially since you will have to find the time to go to a relay point during opening hours to be able to collect your package. Your package sometimes very heavy, by the way.

Even if it is less ecological, delivery to your institute is much more practical for your daily life as a business manager . It is therefore a sine qua non condition for agreeing to work with a particular supplier.

Express delivery

Another essential condition is the speed of delivery . As we saw just before, the speed with which orders are delivered indirectly generates customer satisfaction.

Particularly during peak periods such as summer or the end-of-year holidays. These are periods when stocks can go from full to empty, in a very short time.

To be able to overcome these situations, it is therefore important that your cosmetics supplier offers you express delivery . Express delivery means delivery within 24 hours or 3 days maximum. Beyond 3 days, it is standard delivery, which however remains appreciable.

Express deliveries can be free or paid: it all depends on the supplier in question. What matters is that it gives you the choice!

The objective being that you can replenish your stocks regularly , and without having to wait too long.

The good trick :

Suppliers who offer express delivery are much cheaper compared to others. But we must also not forget that they too can face stock shortages . They may encounter problems sourcing raw materials , or simply have products that are victims of their success.

We must therefore not confuse slow delivery with occasional problems!

Delayed delivery

If an order delivery arrives late, you may find yourself in a bit of a shaky situation.

But the same applies if a delivery arrives too quickly.

Indeed, to cope with periods of high attendance in your institute, you may be tempted to place pre-orders. These are commands made in advance, which you do not need right away.

If your supplier does not offer you this pre-order option as peak periods approach, you risk experiencing some stress: will you be able to stock up, or will the products be out of stock?

Outside of major occasions , it is important to see if your supplier offers you delayed delivery options .

Indeed, even apart from pre-orders, you must be able to place an order and schedule a delivery later. Whether in relation to your opening hours, your holidays or for any other reason, it is important that the wholesaler of organic cosmetics for professionals is flexible.

Check that scheduling your delivery is possible, and greatly simplify your daily life.

Delivery optimized for ecological reasons

Finally, the world of cosmetics is increasingly focused on the environmental impact of products. Respectful of the skin and the planet: it's the basics to please end customers.

However, if you want to maintain your ecological awareness at the top , it is important to consider the issue of delivery.

In fact, freight transport alone represents more than 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. An already impressive percentage, which is set to increase over the years.

To clean your ecological slate , you can find out about the ecological consideration of delivery . Does the supplier strive to offer recycled or recyclable packaging ? Is the size of the boxes consistent with the products it contains? Are delivery trucks optimized?

These answers are not always easy to find. But really, you just have to look.

These are purely logistical questions , which do not necessarily belong to the wholesaler. In reality, it is the side of your logistics provider that you should look at: which warehouse does your supplier work with? Who is in charge of its logistics?

Some logistics players place eco-responsibility at the center of their concerns. This is for example the case of Green , the logistician with whom Green Spa has worked since its beginnings.

Recycled and recyclable materials , and consideration of the environmental impact of delivery: the basis for a commercial relationship that respects the planet!

Choosing the right wholesaler of organic cosmetics for professionals based on its delivery

Among all the issues that your organic cosmetics supplier must take into account are delivery options.

Indeed, it is essential that your wholesaler offers you options consistent with your needs, and with the particularities of your orders. Delivery results in the receipt of your orders . And this reception must be done at the appropriate time for your institute, and for you as a professional .

It is for this reason that Green Spa advises you to check all the delivery options available to you. Express, delayed, pre-order... It's up to you to see what suits you best!

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