Pure relaxation with organic body massage oils

Pure relaxation with organic body massage oils

Taking care of your body and your skin is essential. But for that, you absolutely must choose the right organic cosmetics for the body! The only downside: it’s sometimes a complicated choice. Especially when you are the head of a beauty salon or a spa , and you have to choose products suitable for all skin types.

Among the cosmetics that you can choose for the well-being of your customers, we find organic massage oils.

These are particularly hydrating oils , which have many benefits for the epidermis. And with good application, these are benefits that are felt in a lasting way!

Good choice, good application and good composition: Green Spa explains everything that revolves around massage oils.

Opt for pure relaxation in your institute!

Organic massage oils, care for the skin and the planet

There is an endless amount of massage oils on the cosmetic market. But organic massage oils are rarer. And also more sought after!

The reason is simple: massage oils that are not organic tend to be made from scientifically synthesized ingredients. However, these are ingredients that are not always good for the body.

But as massage oils are applied rigorously, using the wrong product can have harmful consequences on the beauty of the skin, and even on health .

This is why more and more institutes are opting for organic massage oils. Their composition is designed to take long-lasting care of the skin, and to maximize the relaxation induced by a professional massage.

Not to mention that natural massage oils these days have a texture as pleasant, or even more pleasant, than industrial massage oils . Between benefits and texture: there is therefore no longer any point in using industrial oils.

Good to know :

Very often, organic massage oils are contained in bottles made from recycled plastic or environmentally friendly materials. This allows you to affirm even more drastically the ecological commitment of your institute. An additional good point for organic oils!

The composition of organic massage oils

What sets organic oils apart from industrial oils is above all their composition.

Indeed, there is no question of offering for sale organic oils made from raw materials that are harmful to the environment or to the skin.

We will therefore appreciate the natural composition of organic oils. They generally have a good vegetable oil base, which has many benefits for the skin.

Macadamia oil , sweet almond oil , jojoba oil You are spoiled for choice when it comes to the oily base of your body cosmetics.

In addition to this natural oily base, we also find plant extracts , essential oils and oily macerates of organic origin .

These are ingredients that have many benefits for the skin, and which are felt in a long-lasting way.

So this means that in addition to enjoying the benefits of the oil base, your skin is nourished by the natural benefits contained in the additional organic ingredients.

In other words: with just one oil base, you can choose a cosmetic fully adapted to the needs of your skin!

And to do this, you have to choose the right oily bases and the right natural components.

The benefits of massage oils for the body

Massage oil itself has many benefits for the health and beauty of the skin.

Especially when applied as part of a massage in an institute .

Stimulation of blood circulation, deep hydration, relaxation of accumulated tension... And all this, without any chemical substance to hinder complete relaxation.

Green Spa presents the different oil bases that you can choose from, as well as their specific benefits.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is very present in organic massage oils. It is an oil that has restorative and soothing properties, while nourishing the skin without excess.

Unlike other vegetable oils , it does not leave a greasy film on the surface of the epidermis. It helps soothe and heal the most sensitive skin , while fighting against the effects of aging.

It is a sebum-regulating oil, which contains many antioxidants . It can be used both on the skin and on the hair , as it is a natural strengthener for the ends and roots.

Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil is loaded with omega 9 , omega 7 , omega 3 and palmitic acid.

It is the oil that is used most on very dry skin, because it naturally stimulates the suppleness of the epidermis by deeply hydrating it.

It is also a source of natural anti-inflammatories , very useful for dealing with excess pollution and temperature changes. It preserves the cell membrane while stimulating cell regeneration.

The natural composition of organic macadamia oil is very close to the sebum produced by our body.

This greatly simplifies the entry of oil into the skin. And therefore to hydrate it even more effectively!

Coconut oil

As effective on the skin as in the hair , coconut oil is a natural antioxidant. It effectively tones the surface of the skin and restores its natural radiance .

It is a vegetable oil very rich in vitamin E, K and iron . It deeply nourishes the epidermis and provides it with a large quantity of nutrients , in order to preserve its natural suppleness.

The little extra of this oil:

It is a natural makeup remover. Applied to a reusable cotton pad, it effectively removes makeup from the eyes and skin. While hydrating it: what more could you ask for for gentle, fluid makeup removal?

Sweet almond oil

How can we talk about organic massage oils without talking about sweet almond oil? This is one of the pillars of organic massage.

This oil has more than one string to its bow. It nourishes the skin, softens it, protects it from external aggressions, strengthens the epidermis, soothes itching and irritation...

It is the hydration reference for the most sensitive skin!

It is also a key source of nutrients for hair. It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, and restores hair to its natural shine.

Avocado oil

Concentrated in vitamin C , beta-carotene and sterols , organic avocado oil is a massive defense weapon to fight against free radicals.

It is largely made up of fatty acids, which allows it to deeply hydrate the skin while restoring its natural elasticity.

A true natural tonic, it promotes cell regeneration . It is an oil that is applied a lot to the skin and hair when winter approaches.

Avocado oil helps fight redness, dull complexion and external aggressions.

Dry skin, you have found your best ally!

Argan oil

Face, body and hair : there is nothing more versatile than argan oil.

With moisturizing and softening properties , it is one of the references in the world of professional massage.

It is concentrated in vitamin E and fatty acids, which allows it to be absorbed very quickly by the epidermis.

It is often found in anti-aging care , thanks to its concrete effectiveness in the fight against wrinkles and the effects of time.

Argan oil provides deep hydration to the epidermis, which allows naturally dry skin to no longer be dry.

It is also a very good source of nutrients for nails and chapped lips (especially in winter).

Softening, stimulating, hydrating: what more could you ask for during a massage?

Nigella oil

Finally, it's impossible to leave out black cumin oil, also called black cumin oil. This ancestral vegetable oil is essential for problem skin.

It purifies, soothes and effectively fights against the appearance of acne spots and irritations.

If you suffer from eczema , psoriasis or chronic dry skin, black seed oil is an option that should not be overlooked.

It is also an excellent option to combat the appearance of signs of skin aging.

Good to know :

According to History, Cleopatra regularly applied black seed oil to her face. One of the secrets of its eternal beauty ?

How to apply massage oils to the body?

Choosing the right oils for massages in your institute is essential. In addition to being able to offer a whole range of scents , also think about varying the benefits for the skin! Before the massage in your institute, take care to offer an organic scrub to your client. This will open the pores and make the epidermis more receptive to the benefits of the chosen oil. Then, proceed with the massage of your choice: a touch of slightly heated massage oil is enough to melt away all traces of stress and tension. Body and hair : benefit from the long-lasting benefits offered by the professional application of an organic massage oil. And why not complete the treatment with other body cosmetics ?