Shower naturally with organic shower and bath gels!

Shower naturally with organic shower and bath gels!

Skin care does n't just involve oils and moisturizers . This is a whole to which we must pay particular attention. Including in the shower! If you are looking for organic body cosmetics , do not neglect the importance of shower gels. Indeed, even if they are rinsed directly after application, body shower gels still have time to penetrate the skin.

Which means that if you apply poor quality shower gels to your sensitive skin , your skin will smell it.

Redness, patches, itching... In the long term, the problems caused by a bad shower gel can be numerous. Hence the interest in selecting organic shower gels for the body.

Between composition, benefits and advantages compared to traditional shower gels , Green Spa explains everything about organic bath gels.

Organic bath gels: how to recognize them?

How to differentiate an organic shower gel from a traditional shower gel?

It's actually not very complicated: in general, brands that offer organic shower gels don't hide it!

They talk about the organic dimension of their shower and bath gel in the description, on the product label and sometimes even in its name.

But if you have any doubts, there are many clues that can tip your mind.

For example, you can look for proof of certification or label on the product label:

  • Cosmebio
  • Ecocert
  • AIAB and ICEA
  • Cosmos
  • BDIH

These are logos that you can easily find on the labels of organic products. And excellent clues to know that the shower gel meets rigorously defined specifications.

You then know that its composition is carefully studied to meet all the requirements in terms of organic and natural cosmetics.

The second significant clue is found in the composition of organic shower gels.

What is the composition of organic shower gels?

A few years ago, traditional shower gels suffered a well-justified scandal. Their composition has been the subject of numerous studies... Which revealed that these shower gels, far from cleaning the skin, only polluted it .

Parabens , phthalates , sulfates... They have many names, but the conclusion remains the same: they are bad for the skin and for your health.

This is why many brands like Green Spa strive to offer you only organic shower gels.

You can apply them to your skin with complete peace of mind, and enjoy a natural shower that is pleasant for the skin and for your morale.
In natural shower gels, we find in particular organic aloe vera juice.

This organic ingredient is essential for optimizing cell regeneration and balancing the epidermis. It also acts on flaking , and effectively soothes redness and sensitive skin.

In addition, organic shower gels often contain plant extracts. These are extracts of green tea or various plants, which have many benefits for the surface of the epidermis .

The natural inspiration and organic composition therefore make it possible to effectively protect and clean the surface of the skin on a daily basis.

The benefits of organic shower gels

But concretely, what are the advantages of organic shower gels?

There are many benefits, especially compared to traditional shower gels which can be extremely harmful.

The benefits of organic showering for the skin

The benefits of organic shower gels for the epidermis are numerous.

First of all: we note the absence of toxic agents that are usually found in classic shower gels.

This allows the skin to breathe effectively and recover the nutrients necessary for its long-term preservation.

You can also choose organic shower gels that clean, moisturize and care for the skin in a long-lasting way.

The epidermis is not saturated with harmful chemicals, it can breathe and enjoy all the natural benefits of the studied components.

In addition, organic shower gels generally have a much more pleasant scent than supermarket shower gels.

These are scents that are drawn from plants and flowers , and not synthetic perfumes which are sometimes cloying. You enjoy a truly warm atmosphere during the shower, thanks to a scent that delicately rests on the surface of the skin.

Good to know :

Due to the absence of sulfates , organic shower gels tend to foam less than conventional shower gels. But this is not proof of low quality: in fact, quite the opposite!

Caring for the planet, even in the shower

In addition, organic shower gels have the undeniable advantage of taking care of the planet. But there is no question of putting natural shower gels in non-recyclable plastic containers, or of forcing on the plastic .

Most of the time, organic shower gels are therefore contained in recycled or recyclable plastic bottles. They are also available in large formats, to avoid unnecessary waste of raw materials.

Their composition and containers are designed to respect the planet and ecology. Exactly what is needed in beauty salons that care about ecological well-being!

Shower gels in salons? To do what ?

Most institutes that offer body scrub treatments are equipped with a shower cabin. The cabin in question allows customers to rinse after applying the scrub , to get rid of all the small exfoliating grains. However, after a scrub or a massage, the sensation of relaxation induced gives a desire for softness, a desire for naturalness. In the shower cabin, there is therefore no question of spoiling your peace of mind with shower gels that are harmful to the skin and have an aggressive scent. This largely explains the importance of organic shower gels in beauty salons! Body care , care of the skin and the planet : focusing on organic is always a good idea.