The perfect cosmetic product wholesaler is an ally of institutes on a daily basis

The perfect cosmetic product wholesaler is an ally of institutes on a daily basis

Do I choose this product, or that product?

What is the difference between butter and oily cream?

What does the Amber scent give?

When looking for a professional cosmetics wholesaler , we often end up asking ourselves this kind of question. And for good reason ! Studying a commercial catalog or a website cannot give us all of these answers.

Especially with regard to scents and texture , which are still the basic characteristics for cosmetic products used in institutes ... But then, how do you go about choosing a cosmetic product wholesaler , if you don't have all these answers? And how to select certain aesthetic products over others?

All these questions find their solution in one and the same thing: the goodwill of your wholesaler . Indeed, as a wholesaler, we know all the products we offer.

We can therefore answer all logistical and product-related questions. And, according to Green Spa, this is part of our role: supporting institutes in their choices and in their questions.

Focus on the importance of support in your relationship with your aesthetic supplier!

Discovering the products

We have seen it: understanding cosmetic products remotely is not an easy task. It's even mission impossible, especially when it comes to capturing the texture and scent of the creams!

Whether for the body or for the face, you need a guide who teaches you the reality of the products offered to you. And what better guide than the one who designed them?

We are not talking to you about the laboratory in which the products are created, but about the supplier . If it is not a distributor, it is he who is at the origin of the products. He knows the composition , the subtleties , the textures, the scents... In short, everything you need to know before offering them to your customers.

Good support from a supplier begins above all on its website. It is on this site that you will be able to learn about the products , and have your first questions . And it’s also on this site that you will be able to answer them!

If the cosmetic product wholesaler's site is well designed, the latter must offer you an exhaustive description of each element. You can then have first indications on the aromas , texture and active ingredients . Guided support, from the start of the adventure!

Choosing a formula adapted to your needs

Once you have asked all your questions about the products to the supplier (who must also be available and responsive), you can ask about prices . If you are interested in cosmetics, it is essential to go fishing for prices.

You can then ask the supplier about the prices he charges, the packages he offers, etc. And the resale prices he recommends. To do this, the supplier must have a preferred price list for beauty professionals.

On this price list , you must be able to consider bulk purchases , and purchases in smaller quantities. In all cases, your wholesaler must provide you with all the answers to your questions. Including in the selection of the pricing plans that suit you best!

Selection of payment and delivery terms

When the prices are defined, all that remains is to place an order, pay and schedule delivery. Because a cosmetic supplier present does not just collect your order: he also gives you the choice of terms and conditions.

Thanks to tailor-made monitoring, you should be able to pay at the moment or after a certain time. And above all, you must be able to schedule deliveries .

You may not be at the institute for several days: in this case, ask the cosmetic wholesaler if you can schedule delivery for later.

This is an essential option, which allows you to ensure your own comfort, and to receive the products when you are present. The BA-BA of any commercial relationship is flexibility!

It is also important that the cosmetics supplier you contact gives you answers fairly quickly. So obviously, you have to base yourself on working days and times…

But a response within days of the request is necessary, so you can get all the information you need. And rightly so!

Follow-up after receipt of the order

Finally, the last step of the support that your beauty product supplier should offer you happens after delivery.

What do you think of the products?

Do you have any feedback on the textures?

What is your favorite scent?

These are questions that you should be able to answer freely, whether by email, by phone, or on social media .

Furthermore, communication is also a crucial point for wholesalers. On Facebook, Instagram or through newsletters , support is provided throughout the relationship. A supplier who keeps you informed of new products is a good supplier!

Choosing your cosmetic product wholesaler

Choosing the right supplier is the cornerstone of well-being within a beauty institute or spa. This commercial relationship can completely change the quality of your daily life: it is therefore essential to take the time to make your choice!

Especially if you choose a cosmetic product wholesaler for a commercial relationship lasting several months. Your satisfaction must be taken to heart by the latter.

And his interest in your well-being must be manifested in particular by 100% personalized follow-up, when you need it.

To help you identify the right supplier proposals, find out what expectations you can have! Green Spa explains everything in detail: