The European Organic label: how does it work in the world of cosmetics?

The European Organic label: how does it work in the world of cosmetics?

Taking care of your clients' skin means, above all, selecting the right cosmetic products!

Cosmetics adapted to each skin, respectful of the environment and the epidermis... How do you know if you are making the right choices?

A significant indicator allows you to identify products that are worth the detour: choosing an organic cosmetic label

Labels in the world of cosmetics allow you to identify products that are made with respect for the environment . And for the respect of the epidermis.

Among all the logos that you can identify on cosmetics, we find in particular the European Organic label.

But what is this label?

What does this mean for products?

Green Spa enlightens you on the question.

What is the European Organic label for cosmetics?

The European Organic label is a label which certifies the quality of the composition of cosmetics. This is a label that complies with regulations implemented at European level .

It is mainly used for products that are offered for sale internationally.

Intra-European sales are thus regulated , which allows beauty institutes and spas to know what types of products they are dealing with.

You therefore know that cosmetics carrying this label have a particularly studied composition.

They respect the specifications , and therefore offer numerous guarantees.

These guarantees are as follows:

  • At least 95% of the components come from organic farming
  • The product complies with the rules of the official inspection system
  • The cosmetic comes directly from a producer farmer, and bears his name

You therefore have the guarantee that the cosmetic product that you offer to your customers is good for the skin, and that it does not contain any harmful substances.

Why choose cosmetics bearing the European Organic label?

The reason why organic is experiencing such significant growth in the world of cosmetics is that large-scale cosmetics have generated numerous scandals.

And these scandals always find their origins in the same source: composition.

Industrial ingredients have negative consequences on the quality of the skin, and sometimes even on people's health.

Parabens, phthalates, sodium… There are many ingredients with negative effects on the skin.

This explains why today, beauty institutes and customers want to know the composition of products.

This is why it is essential to rely on labels and certifications from the organic world.

Afterwards, the choice of labels depends on the nature of the specifications you are looking for!

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