The Natrue label in the cosmetic world: what does it imply?

The Natrue label in the cosmetic world: what does it imply?

Today, labels are one of the many pillars in the world of cosmetics . Not only because they allow beauty salons and spas to know exactly what they are buying.

But as a bonus, they sustainably encourage the development of ecological and biological processes.

Are you looking for organic label cosmetics that you can trust?

You can start now by finding out about the Natrue label!

A true reference in the world of ecological cosmetics , Natrue is a label that should not be overlooked.

Green Spa explains everything about this quality label!

What is the Natrue cosmetic label?

The Natrue label is very popular with relaxation institutes and spas. And it's not for nothing: it's a label that touches on many ramifications of cosmetics .

The Natrue label, for example, optimizes the fight against greenwashing , and strives to meet consumer expectations , in order to make ecological concerns evolve with morals.

It is also a label which is committed to clarifying the composition of cosmetics , to prevent institutes and customers from using products without knowing what they are made from.

Independent certification , sustainable innovation , environmental protection, defense of animal rights, waste reduction... Natrue has many strings to its bow.

And this is what makes products bearing this label preferred in your institute!

What does the Natrue label mean for professional cosmetics?

The Natrue label follows numerous precise criteria .

The first (and probably most important) criterion is that the ingredients must be natural. The product must be composed of 100% natural or nature-identical substances.

In order to fully adapt to the nature of each product, Natrue has established 13 different categorizations for each product.

Each categorization must respect a minimum threshold of natural ingredients.

It is also necessary that at least 75% of the ingredients meet the requirement criteria.

With the Natrue label, cosmetics are either natural or organic : there is no in-between!

This is why the products must have a very clear composition, with 100% transparent traceability .

This traceability requirement applies to natural raw materials or those derived from palm oil.

Finally, in order to obtain the Natrue label all the raw materials used must be approved by Natrue.

As you can see, it is therefore a particularly rigorous label in its management and control of organic and natural products.

All the good reasons
to choose Natrue labeled cosmetics

By purchasing Natrue labeled cosmetics , you directly adhere to the natural and ecological principles defended by the brand.

This therefore allows you to enter the fight against industrial cosmetics , which ravage the skin and the planet.

But that's not all ! By opting for cosmetics bearing the Natrue label , you are also choosing high quality cosmetics.

Indeed, most brands that respect the Natrue specifications are committed to respecting nature and the skin, with cosmetics of studied quality.

Choose the satisfaction guarantee for your customers!

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