The Vegan label: the essentials for choosing the right cosmetics

The Vegan label: the essentials for choosing the right cosmetics

There are many labels found on cosmetic product labels.

Some indicate that the composition comes from organic farming , while others concern ethics from a more general point of view.

If you are looking for the ideal organic label cosmetics for your brand, one thing is certain: you are spoiled for choice!

Among all the labels that can be found on body or face cosmetics, there is the Vegan label in particular.

But what does it actually imply?

What is the difference with the Cruelty Free label?

These are essential questions, to which Green Spa answers you!

What is the Vegan label?

The Vegan label, just like the diet, requires that the composition of cosmetics is completely free of animal products.

Each ingredient, natural or not, is therefore studied from all angles, to ensure that it does not come from any animal production.

It is a label that makes it possible to effectively fight against animal abuse, by choosing cosmetics focused on naturalness and respect for the planet.

The difference between the Vegan label and the Cruelty Free label is that the Cruelty Free label claims that no animals were harmed during the creation of the cosmetics.

Vegan cosmetics claim that they do not contain any products of animal origin.

Why choose professional cosmetics with the Vegan label?

Concretely, selecting vegan cosmetics allows you to position yourself in the fight against violence against animals and against mistreatment .

But it is also the guarantee of ethical cosmetics , which are focused on respect for the planet and respect for the skin.

Indeed, in addition to committing to the fight against animal exploitation , the brands that manufacture vegan cosmetics tend to care about the planet, and the well-being of the end customer.

This is why most of the time, in the composition of vegan products we find natural ingredients, sometimes even from organic farming.

You therefore have the guarantee that the cosmetics have been designed with respect for the planet. But also with the interest and well-being of your customers!

Organic labels and certifications are confirmation of the quality of a cosmetic. You just have to choose the one that suits you best!

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