The organic face mask, the beauty of the skin to apply!

The organic face mask, the beauty of the skin to apply!

Some treatments are too intense to be integrated into a daily beauty routine .

This is for example the case of organic face masks, which contain many benefits and can provide your skin with all the nutrients it needs.

But as with all questions that revolve around organic facial care , it is essential to obtain information to select the right cosmetics .

Especially as an institute or spa: you must be able to offer cosmetics adapted to the skin of each of your clients.

But then, which organic face mask should you opt for?

What is a face mask?

The face mask is one of the pillars of the beauty routine.

Unlike creams and oils, it cannot be applied daily. But it is a weekly or bi-weekly treatment that should not be neglected for the health of the epidermis .

A true concentrate of benefits, it deeply nourishes and hydrates. Often, face masks are loaded with active ingredients, making them very effective.

But it is also this intense concentration which means that daily application is not recommended.

Just as with hair masks, a simple weekly application is enough to restore its splendor to your epidermis, and to protect it against external aggressions.

How to choose one
organic face mask?

However, the question still arises: which organic face mask to choose?

When running a beauty salon or spa, it is essential to choose products that can fully adapt to the nature of each skin.

This is why the choice of masks is particularly complicated: it is a very concentrated facial treatment, which has specific active ingredients .

To ensure you choose a face mask that is suitable for all skin types, it is best to focus on naturalness.

Indeed, organic masks are made of natural and organic ingredients, which makes them quite gentle on the skin.

Even though they stimulate blood circulation (which can cause temporary redness), they remain gentle on the skin.

You also have the choice between many ingredients and active ingredients, in order to select masks that are suitable for most skin types.

Oily skin, dry skin , mature skin ... You can choose face masks consistent with your needs and those of your clients.

How to apply your facial treatment mask?

Applying a mask is a bit special. Unlike a cream, it is a facial cosmetic that requires application for a certain time, before being rinsed off. Generally speaking, we take the time to wash the face with an organic cleanser , to eliminate the impurities that are deposited on the epidermis. Then, apply the face mask using concentric movements, avoiding the eye contour and lips. You can extend the application to your neck, to take care of this area with thin and sensitive skin. You must then give the mask time to set. 5 minutes, 20 minutes… It all depends on the organic face mask you choose. Once the time is up, all that remains is to rinse thoroughly to leave no trace! Take this opportunity to rinse by massaging your skin: it's a moment that belongs only to you. The little tip: While waiting for your organic face mask to apply, why not make a hair mask? Kill two birds with one stone, you come out of this session fresh and ready!