Organic scrubs for the body, between cleansing and hydration

Organic scrubs for the body, between cleansing and hydration

Whether in a beauty salon or at home, taking care of your skin is essential. But to do this, you still need to choose the right organic cosmetics for the body!

Body care is a bit special, in the sense that it involves using very specific products. Especially when it comes to scrubs !

Some areas of the body have quite thick and rough skin , such as the feet and hands. But other areas, like the shoulders and back, sometimes have quite thin and sensitive skin.

To avoid unbalancing your clients' epidermis and not to damage their skin, it is therefore essential to choose the right scrub.

And when it comes to product quality, nothing beats natural .

Organic and natural body scrubs open the door to a whole new definition of relaxation.

Green Spa gives you all the information on the issue!

Body scrubs: variety for beauty

Body scrubs have several roles for skin health and relaxation:

  • They aim to eliminate all impurities
  • They also aim to hydrate the skin

A scrub that removes all impurities without moisturizing risks being too aggressive for certain areas of the body.

It is therefore essential, in all cases, to choose a scrub that also offers effective hydration.

But among this wide range of cosmetics , there are two particular categories of scrubs.

Mechanical scrubs

Mechanical scrubs erase impurities from the skin due to the presence of grains .

They therefore offer natural exfoliation of the skin texture. They exist for the body or for the face: the exfoliating grains for the face are generally finer than those for the body.

In general, mechanical exfoliants are mixed with creamy bases to obtain the perfect in-between exfoliation and hydration.

Simply apply the scrub to the skin and gently rub it in circular movements . This effectively removes dead cells and all impurities.

Good to know :

A few years ago, mechanical scrubs were banned from beauty salons because they were very bad for the environment.

Indeed, before finding natural alternatives (more effective), we used plastic microbeads as exfoliating grains.

However, these microbeads were not at all biodegradable .

But today, this is no longer a problem: each organic body scrub is made up of natural ingredients.

Chemical exfoliants

Chemical exfoliants are generally not organic (except when it comes to enzyme scrubs ).

This is an application of products that chemically cause the elimination of dead cells.

It is a scrub that is rarely recommended in institutes, because the “ chemical ” side necessarily implies choosing a dosage adapted to the sensitivity of the skin.

If you have particularly sensitive skin, chemical exfoliation is also strongly discouraged.

Enzyme scrubs are a little different. It's the same principle: a substance that loosens and eliminates dead cells.

But enzymatic scrubs are mainly composed of fruit acids, which therefore begin a more “natural” process of eliminating impurities.

It is a much gentler scrub than traditional chemical scrubs. It is often mixed with an aqueous base , so as not to counteract its effectiveness.

What are the benefits of organic scrubs?

As a beauty salon or spa, you probably know the benefits of a scrub. But what are the benefits of a good scrub?

Because concretely, scrubs help unclog pores and eliminate dead cells.

But in reality, the benefits of organic scrubs go much further than that.

Unclogging pores with a natural product optimizes the oxygenation of the skin, which is no longer clogged by dead cells. The skin can therefore breathe, without constraint.

However, sometimes industrial products (in addition to eliminating dead cells) offer too high a concentration of certain substances.

Which amounts to blocking the pores after removing dead cells. In other words: you replace a natural substance with a more industrial substance, preventing the skin from breathing.

In addition, applying a natural scrub allows (depending on the size of the exfoliating grain) to stimulate blood circulation under the skin. Enough to restore your healthy glow in just a few seconds!

And finally, organic scrubs are essential before body care. Indeed, stimulating the epidermis and unclogging the pores helps optimize the penetration of the creams and oils that you intend to apply.

The skin is therefore nourished and ventilated, thanks to a single organic cosmetic.

The composition of organic body scrubs

Scrubs made from natural and organic products are therefore much more effective than industrial type scrubs. Particularly because they are not aggressive to the skin.

But everything always depends on the specificity of each composition! At Green Spa, after numerous tests we have selected a particularly effective natural composition :

  • Organic aloe vera juice
  • Exfoliant based on organic apricot kernel

The apricot kernel offers a grain that is sufficiently effective and fine not to irritate the skin. And during exfoliation, organic aloe vera juice relaxes pores and allows for more effective cell regeneration.

It is a composition designed to increase the benefits of exfoliation, while drastically avoiding the drawbacks.

Which scrubs to choose based on your skin?

This composition is therefore a reference in the world of well-being and relaxation.

But despite its effectiveness, it is still essential to choose a scrub that is fully adapted to the nature of your skin!

For example, if you have combination or oily skin , choose an enzymatic scrub.

Regarding dry and mature skin, it is essential to choose a fine-grained scrub so as not to attack your skin.

Sensitivity, fineness and cell removal needs: select the scrubs that suit best to get the most out of them.

Applying organic body scrub: good practices

Whether in a massage institute or at home, the organic body scrub must be applied according to a certain process to have optimal effectiveness.

First of all, take care to apply the scrub to damp skin , which has been cleansed beforehand. This allows the pores to relax naturally, to better receive the scrub.

Then take a small amount of product, which you can apply using circular movements, from top to bottom. If you can, don't hesitate to start from the lower body and move up!

This is how you can really benefit from increased blood stimulation .

If you encounter particular horny areas (like the feet), do not hesitate to use a horsehair glove!

Once your scrub has been applied, all you have to do is rinse it with lukewarm water , then with cold water.

This helps the pores to release the exfoliating grains, before closing under the effect of cold water.

Cleanse impurities, yes. But don't forget about hydration!

You now have skin that is exfoliated, soft and cleansed of impurities. But this is not the last step! After removing all the impurities from the pores, it is time to moisturize the skin's surface. The latter actually worked well under the effect of the stimulation of the exfoliating grains. It deserves its reward: deep hydration. The best way to finish a body scrub is to apply a massage oil , or a moisturizing butter. Continue application with circular movements, to allow hydration to penetrate effectively into the pores of the skin. Skin beauty, hydration and self-care: organic scrub is all-in-one happiness!