Green Spa oils, used by rising massage stars

Within the Green Spa ranges , there is something for everyone! And this is particularly the case with our oils , which are causing a sensation among rising massage stars.

Massage champions of France, Europe, the world... These professional masseurs are known for their dexterity, their inventiveness and their unique massage methods .

And to our greatest happiness, they chose Green Spa oils to enhance their daily lives! Experience the spirituality of their massages through our natural and organic treatments.

Champions of France, Europe and the world use Green Spa oils

Since the creation of Green Spa in 2021, our massage oils have accompanied many nationally and internationally renowned masseurs . Recently, we even created products in collaboration with Déhlia Lapeyrie from Omiri, and Julien Ballut from My French Massage.

At Green Spa, we know that each masseur has their own universe. Hence our desire to create signature oils , to allow all professionals to explore the sensoriality of their massage techniques.

Because our treatments have been followed by professionals for many years, you will be able to find our beautiful oils during the European Massage Championships , but also during the World Massage Championships.

Green Spa massage oils speak an international language: that of well-being and relaxation.

Massage oils of unrivaled quality

What makes Green Spa oils internationally renowned is in particular the quality of their texture , their scent and their composition .

The oils are natural, organic and available in the many Green Spa scents. When it comes to perfumes , it’s impossible to be disappointed: there’s something for everyone!

Whether you prefer floral , sweet , citrus , fruity or woody olfactory nuances , Green Spa offers many variations. This way, you can choose from our numerous ranges over the months , the seasons and above all the desires of your customers.

But above all, what the world's greatest masseurs like about Green Spa oils is the high-end quality of their composition. Our oils are soft , easy to work with throughout the duration of your treatments... Their velvet texture glides over the skin and penetrates it gently, leaving a light fragrant veil that clients love.

And above all, its great advantage: at the end of the treatments, the non-greasy finish of Green Spa oil does not stain clothes.

Find our splendid massage oils in the hands of seasoned professionals!