Can we find cosmetics without preservatives?

Can we find cosmetics without preservatives?

And we understand why: for many years, the conservatives have been at the center of numerous scandals and debates. When we talk about conservatives, what exactly are we talking about? These are ingredients added to cosmetic products to extend their lifespan and prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

Which, in itself, is a good thing. But there is a downside: over the years, numerous scandals have revealed the harmful effects of certain conservatives.

Allergenic, irritant, drying… This is why more and more brands are offering cosmetics without preservatives.

What about preservatives in natural cosmetics ?

And where can you find cosmetics without preservatives?

What are they replaced by?

Green Spa, your supplier of professional organic cosmetics , explains everything to you on the issue.

How to eliminate preservatives in cosmetics?

First of all: yes, it is entirely possible to find cosmetics without preservatives. It's even an increasingly familiar situation, as consumers now demand skincare products made exclusively from natural ingredients.

However, it is necessary to emphasize the essential side of preservatives in the cosmetic world. From the moment we find water in a facial cream or in a scrub , it is essential to add a preservative.

The reason is simple: water is a material that can encourage the proliferation of bacteria and fungi . If a treatment contains water, the supplier has the obligation to ensure that it will not spoil and expire.

Alongside this need, how can we reduce or even completely eliminate preservatives?

Cosmetics manufacturers find subtleties.

For example, they reduce the quantity of water in products, and can choose to replace preservatives with essential oils, with natural antibacterial properties .

Manufacturers can also favor airtight packaging, to protect the product from air and light.

More rarely, certain brands orient the manufacturing of their products towards the absence of preservatives: they can then offer powder care products.

No water, no risk of bacteria proliferation, no need to add preservatives !

Where to find cosmetics without preservatives?

Wondering where to find these products? There are more and more brands offering preservative-free cosmetic ranges, so you will easily find them on the market.

For professionals, there are also websites specializing in organic and natural products which offer cosmetics without preservatives.

A simple internet search can help you find some.

Should we necessarily get rid of cosmetics?
to take care of your skin?

However, before ordering your preservative-free treatments, it is essential to know the whole truth about preservatives. And this truth is that they are not necessarily as bad as we make them out to be. Indeed, some preservatives are of natural origin, and have no side effects. Even more: they have positive effects for the skin and the quality of the epidermis. It is therefore not essential to choose cosmetics without preservatives, to guarantee the health of your customers' skin. You just need to select the right products, organic and natural, with a studied composition. For example, Green Spa’s natural treatments! Would you like to learn more about conservatives? Green Spa tells you everything: