To choose your organic cosmetic product wholesaler, read customer reviews!

To choose your organic cosmetic product wholesaler, read customer reviews!

Beauty institute , treatment, relaxation, spa... No matter the particularities of your establishment, you are looking for the same thing: customer satisfaction , and work in a soothing environment.

These are two essential elements that make your institute successful .

And these two elements have a common solution: choosing the right supplier of organic cosmetic products for you!

Indeed, if you work with an organic product wholesaler who is responsive, offers good products, remains available and responds as quickly as possible to your requests... Your daily life can be changed.

Not only will your orders be simplified and your requests heard.

But in addition, with organic, natural and good quality cosmetic products, you have every chance of hitting the mark with your customers.

However, choosing the perfect supplier is not always easy. Especially when you have to choose it when you don't know what you're dealing with!

Fortunately, there are many different sources of information that allow you to know the personality and products of your future supplier.

Social networks, the internet, other institutes… These are reliable sources.

But why not go directly to the main interested parties for cosmetic products?

In other words: the end customers !

Those who book treatments in your institute , who buy your products, who offer your vouchers to their loved ones...

In short: those who use cosmetics from professional suppliers on a daily basis.

Green Spa gives you all the information on this end customer, who has the opinion that counts the most.

The end customer, a true source of information

Whether for in-room treatments or for the sale of products in your institute, you are targeting the same audience.

This is your regular or occasional clientele , who uses your products. Whether daily or during monthly treatments, they are the ones who receive the cosmetics.

Applied to their body or face, they see the effects, carry the scent and feel the texture .

If you want to boost your treatment appointment bookings and your turnover in resale formats, it is therefore essential to select the right products .

Which means choosing the right supplier.

So instead of finding out from your colleagues and other institutes in your city, why not seek out the opinions of end customers for a wholesaler of organic cosmetic products?

Cream, massage oil, butter, scrub … For each cosmetic, customer opinion is the one that counts the most.

Put all the chances on your side to make the right choices!

Where can I find customer reviews for a wholesaler of organic cosmetic products?

But where can you find customer reviews?

In reality, it's quite simple: everything can be found on the internet!

You can go to the social networks of the supplier in question, as well as to their Google page or to their website. This will allow you to identify comments from individuals , in order to have the concrete opinion of the final customer.

You can also consult customer reviews on the Google page of the institutes that use the wholesaler that interests you. Sometimes customers talk about the products and give their opinion on the quality.

You can therefore know, from a reliable source, the quality you can expect from natural cosmetics.

It is also a very good method to focus the choice of your cosmetic products on the satisfaction of your customers.

Adapt your selection to what your customers prefer, based on concrete information!

How to properly use customer feedback from a supplier?

However, it is essential to qualify the opinions you find online and from other institutes.

Indeed, we must always keep in mind that individual opinions are unique, and that they depend a lot on the experience of each person.

If you notice that an organic cosmetics supplier has very good reviews, apart from one or two average reviews, don't forget to take a pinch of salt!

Maybe they're difficult clients, or maybe the whole salon experience didn't go well.

On the other hand, if you count many negative comments, this is a good indicator not to try your luck right away.

Perhaps the supplier has just launched its products, and is in the process of perfecting the formulation .

In all cases, choosing the right organic cosmetic product wholesaler is essential. Green Spa explains how to make the right choices!