Why are alcohols found in cosmetics?

Why are alcohols found in cosmetics?

Cetyl, Cetearyl, Stearyl, Lauryl, Myristyl: you might think that this is the list of first names from a Finnish nursery rhyme, but no.

This is a simple list of alcohols that you are likely to find in the cosmetics that you offer in your beauty salon.

In reality, it is almost inevitable: a large majority of natural organic cosmetic products contain alcohol. Today it is very complicated to find treatments that do not contain any trace of alcohol.

And it’s not for nothing!

Indeed, alcohol is an ingredient that is almost always found on beauty product labels. And for good reason: it is an essential component , because it has many advantages in the field of cosmetics.

  • But what are these advantages?
  • Why does alcohol play such an important role in organic cosmetics?

Green Spa, your supplier of organic cosmetic products, tells you everything!

Alcohol, an essential component of almost all cosmetics

Today, it is possible to find cosmetics that do not contain alcohol. But in reality, it is very complicated.

The reason is simple: alcohol is an ingredient that occupies an essential place in the cosmetic world, for many reasons. And this has been happening for many years!

But what you need to know is that alcohol used in cosmetics is not always bad, for the skin or for your health.

As the manager of a beauty salon or spa , you have probably heard many preconceived ideas:

  • Alcohol dries the skin
  • Alcohol causes irritation
  • Alcohol and sun don't mix well

But this is not always true. These claims are only valid if we are talking about bad alcohol.

Because in the cosmetic world, there are bad alcohols and good alcohols. And bad alcohols are today banned from the list of ingredients authorized in France.

Which means that the alcohols that you find in cosmetics like Green Spa products are authorized, and above all harmless to health and the skin.

They are in reality integral components of cosmetics , and they have many advantages which explain their presence.

Why do cosmetics contain alcohol?

Why is alcohol still often found in cosmetics ? It's a reality: alcohol is an ingredient that is difficult to replace in the cosmetic world .

Whether for reasons of conservation, stabilization of the formula or simply for natural benefits , it is difficult to find an ingredient that fulfills the same role as alcohol.

Green Spa presents all the roles that alcohol plays in natural cosmetics!

For conservation reasons

First of all, alcohol is an ingredient that plays a huge role in the good conservation of cosmetics.

These often rely on a chemical formulation, even when they consist of natural and organic ingredients.

It is essential to provide a certain quantity of alcohol per bottle (generally between 10 and 15%), to ensure the conservation of the cosmetic itself.

Without this intended amount of alcohol, the product may turn and become unusable.

It therefore guarantees the effectiveness of a cosmetic in the long term. Even in particular transport or heat conditions : this is a guarantee of quality!

A mattifying ingredient

It is also an ingredient which has the particularity of being able to have a mattifying effect, particularly on oily skin.

This is why it is often found in toners and creams intended for oily skin.

An astringent ingredient

The popular belief that alcohol dries the skin is not true. But it is true that alcohol has a particular effect on pores: it tends to tighten them.

It has an astringent impact on the skin, which allows it to visibly tighten pores over a fairly short period of time.

A more effective and pleasant application of creams

Finally, alcohol is an essential ingredient in cosmetics of all kinds, because it allows them to be applied pleasantly.

In addition to its preservative effect, it has the particularity of making the formula lighter. Which means that the skin will be able to absorb it much better , and take full advantage of all its natural and biological benefits.

Cosmetic alcohol also provides a certain feeling of freshness on the skin, and allows the cosmetic to dry more quickly. It is often this ingredient that provides a non-greasy texture to creams and oils .

Alcohol in cosmetics: what should we think about it?

Guarantor of the texture , quality and finesse of cosmetics, alcohol is one of the essential ingredients in the world of beauty and well-being. If, at first glance, one might be tempted to avoid cosmetics containing alcohol, this is not a reality: when it is rigorously chosen and well processed, alcohol is an essential ingredient in creams, scrubs , massage oils and moisturizing butters . It's all about choosing the right ingredients! And it is for this reason that Green Spa offers you cosmetics for professionals composed of alcohols full of benefits for the quality of the products. Opt for reliability with Green Spa natural cosmetics!