Take care of animals by choosing cosmetics bearing the Cruelty Free label

Caring for animals when choosing cosmetics
bearers of the Cruelty Free label

Today, the origin of cosmetic ingredients is as important as their composition .

More and more beauty institutes and spas are concerned with questions of ecology and animal abuse.

And for good reason: in the world of cosmetics, numerous scandals have exploded regarding the treatment of animals during testing.

Fortunately, this is a practice that is now banned. And to support its importance, there is an organic cosmetic label revealing the absence of mistreatment of animals.

This is the Cruelty Free label , which is very popular with customers, and which supports brands committed to animal rights.

Green Spa explains the reason for the Cruelty Free label!

What does the Cruelty Free label mean?

The Cruelty Free label simply means “ cruelty-free ”.

The principle corresponds to the name: it is affixed to cosmetics which have been designed with respect for animals.

Only brands that do not test on animals can apply it to their cosmetics.

Whether it is the ingredients or the finished products directly, the Cruelty Free label indicates that no animals are included in the testing or sales process.

The logo is easily recognizable, by its pink color and the words “Cruelty Free”. But there are other logos that indicate the same thing.

For example, you may have to deal with Leaping Bunny, Beauty Without Bunnies certification , or even the CFF in Australia .

The implication is the same: you then opt for cosmetics that have been made without animal abuse. Enough to support a cause that matters to you!

Why choose Cruelty Free cosmetics?

We're not going to talk about the obvious reason why Cruelty Free cosmetics are essential.

Obviously, this allows you to support animal rights, and to indirectly fight against animal abuse.

In addition to this, the brands that produce Cruelty Free cosmetics are generally concerned about the care provided to end customers.

They generally only use natural ingredients , or even from organic farming.

If you want to make ethical choices regarding the composition of your cosmetics, the Cruelty Free label is therefore essential.

Opt for eco-responsible prerequisites , and respectful of living beings!

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