What value for money should you look for with your organic beauty product wholesaler?

What value for money should you look for with your organic beauty product wholesaler?

Are you more the type to select an aesthetic wholesaler for the year, or to order their products once to test them?

Regardless of the operation you have chosen for your beauty institute or spa, an essential question remains: how to choose your professional cosmetics wholesaler ? It is indeed a crucial choice, on which your customer satisfaction will depend over several months, or over an entire year.

In reality, there is no perfect organic beauty product wholesaler. But there is a perfect supplier FOR YOU.

And for your institute .

And for your customers .

If you are wondering how to know which supplier to choose, this article is for you. In order to help you in the process of selecting the best wholesaler, Green Spa presents you with a whole range of clues that are important to take into account.

Notoriety, reputation, services, support… There are many decisive criteria. And today, we are mainly focusing on value for money!

We explain everything you need to consider to get the best value for money.

Value for money, the cornerstone of choosing a cosmetic wholesaler

What we call value for money is the relationship established between the price of professional cosmetics and the quality of their composition . So, their effectiveness on the skin of the body and face.

Too often in supermarkets, we see cosmetic products that are very expensive, but whose effectiveness is limited. And the main reason for this ineffectiveness is that the product in question is not suitable for all skin types . It may be effective on your client's skin, but not on yours.

And that's where you come in: as a beauty professional , you know the different skin types, and the creams that can suit them. You also have fairly precise notions regarding the composition of cosmetics, which allows you to make an initial selection, and to eliminate beauty products that are not organic, respectful of the skin and the environment.

To these criteria is added the price. The best thing is to find a quality product , at a fair price for your financial health. But how to establish this balance ? Green Spa explains everything to you.

Check the composition of the products

The very first step in asking about the value for money of a product is to check its composition. If your product only contains chemical ingredients and aggressive preservatives , you can give it up: the quality is not there.

However, if the composition seems correct to you and finds its origin in natural elements, this is already a good sign.

To help you consider the quality of the composition of aesthetic cosmetics , you can also find out about labels and certifications. Quality organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics are generally rewarded by certification bodies.

The latter then award labels and certifications, which allow you to have a precise idea of ​​the quality of the products, and the expectations that you can have from them. Vegan, respect for animals, fair trade... There are many labels : it's up to you to choose what speaks to you the most!

Compare the price with other offers

Once you've found organic beauty products that match your research and the ethics of your beauty salon , the next step is to consider pricing.

Obviously, as a professional you have advantageous prices compared to sales to individuals . But some suppliers still offer quality products, for prices lower than the average in B2B aesthetics.

You then have the possibility of requesting quotes from several aesthetic wholesalers , in order to get a clear idea of ​​what they offer in terms of prices. Making a comparison will help you form an opinion on normal prices, and those that you may consider too high.

But it is a balance that is not easy to do. It is often the case that higher quality products are more expensive than lower quality products. And the reason is quite simple: raw materials cost more to purchase.

During this comparative step, take care to choose two organic cosmetics suppliers who are truly comparable. If you compare the prices of an organic beauty product wholesaler with those of a wholesaler who only uses chemical products, the choice will inevitably fall on the second.

It is therefore essential to find the right balance between the correct prices and the financial health of your institute or spa.

Calculate the resale price and the margin coefficient

Finally, the last step to have a precise idea of ​​the quality-price ratio is to take into consideration the recommended resale price. Often, wholesalers of organic beauty products offer you a resale price for your customers.

This resale price is set by a quick calculation of the price at which you buy the beauty product, and the margin coefficient that you can achieve.

The margin coefficient is essential data when choosing your future wholesaler. This is the margin you will earn on a beauty product once you have resold it to a customer.

However, it can be complicated to define the margin coefficient to which you can claim, and the coefficient below which it is no longer interesting for your institute.

At Green Spa, we strive not to offer margin coefficients lower than 2. We know that the resale of beauty products is essential for your institute, and we take it into account when calculating the prices of our cosmetics.

In order to take care of your financial health, we base our recommended selling price on a margin coefficient which ranges between 2 and 2.2. This is the best relationship we have found between the price of our raw materials and the benefits that your institute can derive from them.

Choose your organic beauty product wholesaler based on value for money

Among all the components of the beauty product wholesaler's selection criteria , value for money is essential. Not only does it guarantee the financial security of your institute, but it also ensures the satisfaction of your customers. And as one relies on the other, this makes it an essential selection criterion!

To help you in your selection of organic beauty product wholesaler, Green Spa strives to rely on objective criteria. Discover all our thoughts on the selection criteria: