Which vegetable oils to choose?

Which vegetable oils to choose?

In the cosmetic world , making the right choices is essential. Especially as the owner of a beauty salon or spa : the success of your establishment depends above all on the satisfaction of your customers . The only downside: each client has specific skin, with particular needs.

And as a professional, it is your duty to be able to offer her cosmetics adapted to her needs and the reactions of her skin.

To do this, there is no secret: you must carefully choose your cosmetic products and check their composition. If you focus your cosmetic selection around natural products, certain ingredients are unmistakable when it comes to quality.

We are talking, for example, about vegetable oils, which are real references in the world of organic cosmetics.

Take care to contact a reliable organic cosmetic vegetable oil supplier to choose the right natural ingredients.

Regarding the care of combination skin, we find for example the application of vegetable oil of hemp, apricot kernel, grape seed or rosehip.

  • But what about dry skin?
  • What about sensitive scalps?

To help you choose cosmetics suited to your clientele, Green Spa offers you a short guide: discover which vegetable oils you can use depending on the nature of the skin!

How to know the nature of your clients' skin?

During a treatment in the cabin, it is essential to start with a skin diagnosis. The idea is then to analyze the nature of your client's skin , and to question her about her beauty practices and the reactions of her skin .

This allows you to know a lot more about the products suitable for your skin, so you can make the best choices.

Make sure you ask the right questions and consider the answers carefully! You will thus be able to choose the best vegetable oils for your customers.

Vegetable oils designed for dry skin

Your client has skin that dries very quickly, and whose sebum has difficulty regulating itself. This is then dry skin.

And for dry skin, there are absolutely miraculous vegetable oils. For example, jojoba , sesame , borage , cottonseed and camellia vegetable oil .

These are oils which have very significant moisturizing power, and which have the particularity of deeply nourishing the epidermis . Enough to observe long-term results!

Vegetable oils for damaged skin

As for sensitive and damaged skin, focus on gentle and consistent hydration, with ingredients that have a significant impact on skin repair.

To do this, Green Spa recommends sweet almond , baobab , hemp , macadamia or sesame vegetable oils .

They will act in depth, and help the skin to repair itself to cope with external aggressions more effectively.

Ideal vegetable oils for oily skin

For oily skin, it's best to avoid overly moisturizing oils . But you can still apply vegetable oils, which will help regulate sebum .

Vegetable oils with a non-greasy texture are, for example, black seed oil or laurel berry oil. If you want to offer natural sebum regulation to your client, you can also offer her hazelnut , jojoba, yangu or papaya vegetable oil .

These oils act at a deep level of the skin, effectively moisturizing without stimulating the production of sebum which is so treacherous for oily skin.

Vegetable oils that protect the skin from the sun

Protection from the sun, relief from external aggressions... In the middle of summer or when temperatures rise, don't hesitate to rely on vegetable oil of carrot , raspberry , sea buckthorn , buriti or prickly pear.

These vegetable oils have the advantage of acting as a real layer of protection against UV rays, while helping skin cells to regenerate.

Vegetable oils for dry and brittle hair

You now have everything you need to take care of your clients' skin. But what about the hair? Here again, make the right choices when it comes to vegetable oils!

If your clients have dry and brittle hair, do not hesitate to offer them olive, sweet almond or kukui vegetable oil .

For application to both hair and nails , castor, avocado , coconut or argan oils are essential in the cosmetic world!

Enough to hydrate effectively and deeply.

Vegetable oils for curly hair

Taking care of curly hair is no easy feat. And it's well known: while some products will suit you perfectly, others will weigh down your curls or make them frizz uncontrollably.

If you want to moisturize curly hair without taking any risks, opt for broccoli , pracaxi or piki vegetable oil . These are natural oils that act effectively on curly hair, for an elegant and voluminous look.

The little tip:

Are you tired of frizz? In addition to the oils we have just mentioned, give yourself every chance of taming them by adding Abyssinian oil !

Vegetable oils for fine hair

Contrary to expectations, applying oil to fine hair will not necessarily weigh it down. As always: it all depends on the oil you choose and the benefits you are looking for!

To nourish them without weighing them down, apply a little coconut , castor , Brazil nut or grapeseed vegetable oil to the lengths and ends.

Vegetable oils for oily hair

The first instinct: applying oils to oily hair is not a good idea.

And it really is, if you don't choose the right ingredients in relation to the nature of the hair.

For example, black seed oil , jojoba oil and kukui oil are known to help regulate sebum in the scalp. You can therefore offer oil baths to your clients with oily hair: a good shampoo afterwards, and you obtain deeply hydrated hair , which will not necessarily grease more quickly than before.

Vegetable oils that stimulate hair growth

Finally, many customers are looking for oils that stimulate hair growth. Whether you want to have longer hair or fuller hair , Green Spa recommends that you opt for castor , mustard , coconut or avocado oil . In all cases, take care to choose vegetable oils according to the subtleties of your clients' skin! And to do this, Green Spa is there: discover all our advice for choosing the right cosmetics for your customers.