What is a preservative?

What is a preservative?

Even today and despite various regulations , cosmetic product labels can be a real mystery.

Even when working in the world of beauty, it still happens that we don't understand exactly what the product we are applying is made of... Which can pose a problem, as the manager of a beauty institute !

Among the ingredients that you need to know inside out, we find preservatives in natural cosmetics. At the center of scandals many years ago, preservatives have a hard time, even today.

You never really know what to expect: there are preservatives in this or that product, but is that really a bad thing?

Or is it, in fact, a necessary ingredient ?

What is really behind the notion of cosmetic preservative ?

To help you choose the best products for your client, Green Spa gives you all the information on preservatives in the cosmetic field.

The definition of a cosmetic preservative

First of all, it is essential to focus on the definition of cosmetic preservative: what do we mean by that? What is a preservative?

This is actually a definition given by Regulation 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council.

During a gathering focused on cosmetics, they defined preservatives as “ substances which are exclusively or mainly intended to prevent the development of microorganisms in the cosmetic product”.

The idea is therefore simple: preservatives are integral ingredients in cosmetics . They simply serve to ensure that the product does not spoil, does not expire and maintains its quality in all circumstances.

Whether it's a change in temperature or a change in humidity : thanks to preservatives, your cosmetic products remain in very good condition.

The presence of preservatives in cosmetics is therefore a legal obligation, for a fairly simple reason. There are traces of water in all cosmetics.

However, water is an ingredient that creates an environment favorable to the development of microorganisms and bacteria.

In short: without preservatives, your creams , scrubs and oils would become breeding grounds for disease. Without forgetting that their once delicate scent could change very quickly.

What is the use of a preservative in cosmetics?

The use of preservatives in cosmetics is therefore essential to prevent them from being damaged over time.

No contamination, no development of bacteria during formulation , transport, storage: the cosmetic remains in perfect condition, in all circumstances.

Good to know :

In addition to preservatives, antioxidants are often used . They ensure that the cosmetic remains in good condition, despite coming into contact with oxygen after the product has been opened.

How is the preservative chosen in a cosmetic?

Preservatives are essential ingredients in cosmetics, that’s a fact.

But who chooses which preservative will be used in this or that cream?

The choice of preservative actually depends on the formulation used for the entire product. It also depends on the galenic developed, which corresponds to the type of product.

For example, the preservative will not be the same depending on whether you have a cream, an oil or an aqueous solution.

The preservative selection criteria are also based on the cosmetic manufacturing process and the target audience. Thus, the preservative will not be the same in a baby cream and in a facial scrub for adults.

In which cosmetics are preservatives found?

Today, it is entirely possible to find cosmetics without preservatives, but it is quite rare. Preservatives are found in a large majority of cosmetics, because no product can be immune to the effects of time. It is found in particular in products that contain a concentrated percentage of water, for the reason that we have already mentioned. Which means that if you detect the presence of preservatives in a cosmetic , this does not mean that it is a product that is harmful to the skin : on the contrary! This is a guarantee of quality and good conservation for most cosmetics. At Green Spa, we use preservatives of natural origin to offer you the assurance of a good quality product over the long term. Do you have more questions about conservatives? Green Spa responds: