The favorite scents of our massage oils to prepare for spring

Les senteurs favorites de nos huiles de massage pour bien préparer le printemps

It's still very cold and the Mercury is still very low, but it's impossible not to think about what awaits us in a few weeks: the long-awaited spring ! Temperatures will finally rise, and the sun will appear again.

And you know it: the return of the sun and the beautiful days in a relaxation institute is a busy period that awaits you.

Your customers will once again want to take care of themselves, to relax while waiting to bask in the sun. So, to prepare well for this period which promises to be sporty, it is never too early!

If you need inspiration, you've come to the right place: Green Spa presents all the massage oil scents that will be all the rage this spring.

The Tiaré Flower for sun desires

What's better than Fleur de Tiaré massage oil to bring your sun desires to life? La Fleur de Tiaré, with its bursts of jasmine and a slight touch of sugar, has everything you need.

Especially in massage oil: it leaves a light, delicately scented veil which really gives the impression of being on vacation.

Mandarin and Yuzu, a spring scent

Another very popular scent that you love during spring and summer: Mandarin and Yuzu massage oil . With its slightly sweet citrus notes, it transports you to a yuzu field on the other side of the world.

It's a fresh scent that your customers will particularly appreciate when it's hot, and they want to refresh themselves!

Melon Mango for the desires of elsewhere

Want fruit and delicacy at the same time? With Melon Mango massage oil , you have found exactly what you need!

Discover all the finesse of this perfumed oil , which begins with the roundness of melon and ends with the tangy delicacy of exotic mango. A real summer scent, like your customers have always dreamed of.

Monoï for pure relaxation

Obviously, how can we talk about preparing for summer and spring without mentioning Monoï massage oil ? Monoï is a great classic revisited by the noses of Green Spa.

Here, you will not find a traditional scent , too sweet or overpowering. No, with this perfumed oil, you discover the finesse of the jasmine flower which swirls on a background of lightness that can only come from summer.

A true olfactory veil that transforms massages into timeless moments. What more could you ask for for immediate summer relaxation?

Do you want fruit? The Apricot massage oil scent is ideal

With Apricot massage oil , you navigate between finesse and simplicity. This scent is the feeling of walking in a field of apricot trees between spring and summer, when the fruits turn pink thanks to the sun.

The Apricot fragrance is fine, without being too sweet but while still retaining a lovely delicacy. It is an incredibly subtle fragrance, which will leave a lasting impression during a solo or duo massage.

Bring the sun into your salon with Ambrée massage oil

Finally, it's impossible to celebrate the arrival of the sun and summer without succumbing to the oriental hues of Ambrée massage oil . This massage oil has spicy and light aromas at the same time, with a hypnotic woody base.

This velvet-textured oil leaves skin scented with a head-turning scent. Everything you need for long-lasting relaxation , even after the massage.
And you, what is your favorite spring scent among the Green Spa ranges ?