Choose the right essential oils for your organic beauty products!

Preservatives in natural cosmetics: essential or prohibitive?

For skin and well-being , nothing is more beneficial than nature!

And that's why in many natural cosmetic products , we find ingredients which come directly from plants and which provide all the benefits of plant elements for the skin of the face , the skin of the body or the hair.

This is for example the case with essential oils.

They occupy an undeniable place in alternative medicine , but that's not all.

Essential oils play an increasingly important role in the composition of natural cosmetics.

And their popularity does not come out of nowhere: pure and completely derived from nature by natural processes, essential oils are concentrated in benefits in general.

This is why we find a certain percentage of essential oils in natural cosmetics.

Mixed with solvents , other active ingredients and gels or creams, essential oils are THE health cocktail for the skin.

Countless, they each have their own particularities. Green Spa explains everything about essential oils and their subtleties. They are worth the detour!

Essential oils, essential in organic cosmetics

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular in the natural cosmetics world.

They can be found in stores or pharmacies, to make home aesthetic mixtures or quite simply for immediate skin application, in very small quantities.

But they are also found in cosmetics offered for sale or use in beauty salons and spas . Perfectly reliable, essential oils are taken from an aromatic plant.

They are obtained through steam distillation , which is as natural as possible.

They can also be extracted by cold pressing the zest of a fruit. Essential oil is the distilled essence of the aromatic plant in question.

What makes them popular with organic lovers is their purity : essential oils are composed of 100% active ingredients, which explains why they should be used in moderation in the context of direct application.

It is for this reason that we recommend careful research before using essential oils at home.

Incorrectly dosed or used too frequently, they can end up becoming aggressive to the skin and causing irritation .

Green Spa gives you all the information on the place of essential oils and their role in cosmetics !

The place of essential oils in natural cosmetics

Tea tree , geranium or immortelle are essential oils that are too powerful to be used directly on the skin.

Or only on very localized areas, like a little touch of tea tree to dry out an acne spot.

In the world of organic cosmetics , essential oils are mixed with a gel, a fatty substance or a cream.

The solvent then allows the power of the essential oils to be diluted, in order to make them applicable to the skin.

The solvent bodies that we choose depend above all on the desired texture, as well as the necessary penetration capacity.

This is a choice that is particularly important, because we observe that certain essential oils are more effective with certain vegetable oils , or with various fatty substances.

In DIY or in cosmetics sold as is, essential oils are therefore essential.

Essential oils and their benefits

They are particularly important for the benefits they bring to the skin and morale.

For example, if you have a headache, nothing better than peppermint essential oil on your temples.

In the cosmetic world, each essential oil has benefits for the skin or hair.

Carefully choose the active ingredients you are looking for for your professional cosmetics

Lavender essential oil

True lavender essential oil is also called lavender . It is often found in cosmetics because it has anti-stress , sedative, calming, healing and overall regenerating properties for the skin.

It also provides a Provençal aroma that we never tire of, and which can make all the difference in the scent of an organic cosmetic product.

Cypress essential oil

Cypress is used in facial massages because it is an essential oil that promotes blood circulation.

It is also used for leg massages , especially for clients who suffer from heavy legs and varicose veins.

Geranium essential oil

Bourbon or Rosat geranium is essential to help the skin repair certain traumas such as eczema, stretch marks or wrinkles .

It is a regenerating and healing essential oil , which also has the particularity of soothing sensitive skin.

Damask rose essential oil

Damascus rose is mainly used in anti-wrinkle masks and moisturizing creams , for the face and body.

It has a very pleasant toning impact , which is often used in anti-aging treatments.

Palmarosa essential oil

Palmarosa oil is particularly toning and regenerating, which increases its possibilities of use in the cosmetic world.

Verbena essential oil

To give the skin a boost during the summer, nothing better than verbena essential oil.

Antioxidant, protective against UV rays and skin aging, it is an essential oil which stimulates the epidermis and dermis in a lasting manner.

Chamomile and Ylang-Ylang essential oil

Chamomile and Ylang-Ylang are the health solution to relieve irritation and dryness on sensitive skin.

These are essential oils that provide all the nutrients that the skin of the face and body needs, for optimal long-lasting effectiveness in all seasons.

Carrot essential oil

Moisturizing, antioxidant, and good for the complexion , carrot essential oil brings together the triptych of quality for hair care.

Lemon essential oil

In addition to its very pleasant citrus smell during the hot summer and spring seasons, lemon essential oil is ideal for purifying oily skin.

It also has the advantage of cleaning impurities in depth. It is an essential oil that benefits from being integrated into the everyday morning routine !

Essential oils in organic beauty products: the must for quality

Today, we find more and more essential oils in natural and organic cosmetics. True concentrates of well-being for the skin of the face and body, on the surface and in depth, they are weapons of massive health. Depending on the effects you are looking for in your organic beauty products, it is important to choose this or that essential oil. Find out about the composition of aesthetic products in your institute, to make appropriate suggestions to clients! The well-being of the skin requires above all the personalization of care.