Organic facial care: the ultimate choice from your supplier!

Organic facial care: the ultimate choice from your supplier!

In institutes and spas , it is essential to provide all the necessary cosmetics. To be able to take care of all skin types! Hydration , deep exfoliation , regenerating treatment... Requests vary from one client to another. And this is exactly why you need to have a whole range of organic cosmetic products for beauty salons .

But before leaving the choice to your customers , the first step remains the selection of these products. Particularly facial products.

Indeed, facial skin is known to be particularly sensitive to cosmetics as well as external aggressions. Thinner than the skin of the body, it requires special attention.

And just as each skin is unique, so is each treatment! This is why you need to make a wide choice, among all the proposals from your cosmetic supplier.

In order to help you make the best choices for your customers , Green Spa presents all the types of cosmetic products for which you can opt.

Discover organic facial care, with all its cosmetic variations!

All facial treatments

The face is an area that requires special attention. In addition to being more sensitive to pollution and external aggression, it is also an area that must be maintained with rigor and patience.

And to do this, there is only one solution: have the right ranges of organic facial creams and treatments . But how to make these choices?

Each organic facial cosmetic has a particular use. You just need to know it to be able to select cosmetics adapted to your client's skin.

Discover all the choices you can make to take care of your customers' faces.

Organic facial cleanser

No matter what treatments you want to apply, it's impossible to start a beauty ritual without cleansing the skin.

Whether to remove impurities or to remove the last traces of makeup, cleansing the face is an essential step.

It is this step that prepares the skin to receive the moisturizing or regenerating treatment that you are about to apply. The organic facial cleanser helps stimulate the skin while relaxing the pores, in order to remove all impurities .

Pollution and harmful particles just have to watch out: with the right cleansing treatment, the face is deeply cleansed!

Often, we find a particular composition in cleansing care. It is a composition that is made to refresh the skin, while allowing blood to circulate more comfortably.

And this is why the organic and natural composition of facial cleansing is essential: nothing better than nature to address the pores of the face!

Organic care cream

Once the face is cleansed, you can apply an organic cream . Facial creams are generally light, non-greasy treatments.

Indeed, organic face creams are intended to be applied all over customers' faces, including the T zone. However, the T zone is a particularly sensitive and oily area of ​​the face.

Applying an oily cream to oily skin is therefore not a good idea. This may add an additional layer and stimulate the sebum-producing cells.

These will produce more sebum, and your client risks leaving the treatment with oily skin.

This is why organic facial creams in institutes have a carefully studied composition.

Made from essential oils, an aqueous base and plant extracts, they are essential for deeply nourishing the skin .

They also add a protective layer to the surface of the epidermis, in order to combat the harmful effects of pollution omnipresent in the city.

Organic eye contour

Dark circles , small vessels and fatigue : three major disadvantages, concentrated in one place. The eye area is a sensitive area, which must often be treated as a priority for a healthy glow.

And to do this, there are organic treatments designed for the eye area .

These are creams with an oily or non-greasy texture . They are composed of blueberries, caffeine, buckwheat wax, hyaluronic acid

Their components are designed to provide healing and vitality to the skin, in order to fight against the presence of bags under the eyes and against the harmful effects of time on the firmness of the eye contour.

A daily application with a little massage around the eyes can make all the difference to your customers!

Organic serum

The organic facial serum is a somewhat special treatment.

This is a concentrated facial treatment, which effectively fights against wrinkles, the effects of time, pollution, enlarged pores, etc.

It really all depends on the serum and its composition.

Generally speaking, organic facial serum has an oily or creamy base, which allows it to be applied very simply, using circular movements.

The application of a serum is recommended during a deep facial treatment in an institute. But daily application should be avoided, because the serum is generally a very concentrated cosmetic.

With vegetable oils and essential oils which effectively penetrate the skin, it is a treatment with formidable effectiveness. Especially with a natural composition!

The organic face mask

The organic face mask is slightly different. Unlike creams and serums, masks require application to the skin before rinsing.

It is often a treatment that is recommended after a light facial scrub. Indeed, the mask is also very concentrated. While it is applied, its benefits can penetrate the skin to treat it in depth.

This is the kind of treatment that we recommend doing about once a week, no more. In the same way as serum , organic masks are very concentrated in essential oils and plant extracts.

The benefits of plants act quickly, but are also very intense: spacing out applications is therefore essential to give the skin time to benefit from all the benefits of the mask.

Organic night cream

Finally, the last organic cosmetic that you can recommend to your customers is organic night cream. Inevitably during the day, the skin on our face faces numerous attacks.

Pollution, shocks, gases, harmful substances in the air... Not to mention the release of certain hormones by cells, which can accumulate on the surface of the skin to the point of blocking the pores .

After cleansing the face for a long time before going to bed, it is therefore recommended to apply a night cream . Thus, during the night the cream will apply, and its benefits will be activated.

This allows, the next morning, to have skin that is rested and protected against the onslaught of pollution for the day to come.

Deep hydration, cell regeneration and protection for the next day: what more could you ask for ?

Facial care: how to make the right choices?

As part of an institute treatment, we always expect to benefit from the highest quality cosmetics possible. But above all, cosmetics adapted to the treatment you wish to receive! This is also why there are so many facial cosmetics. Especially when it comes to organic treatments , which can really treat the surface of the epidermis, but also in depth. Scrub, mask, cream, serum... Choose the right facial care and guarantee your customer satisfaction !