What do you need to know to identify the right supplier of organic cosmetic vegetable oil?

What do you need to know to identify the right supplier of organic cosmetic vegetable oil?

Today, the world of cosmetics is populated by natural ingredients . Where, 20 years ago, chemical products took precedence, we are currently moving towards a greener composition. Out of respect for the skin and out of respect for the planet, we all want natural cosmetic products ! However, we are not always able to identify all the ingredients mentioned in the composition of cosmetic products.

But some are easily recognizable, starting with organic vegetable oils. More and more suppliers for beauty institutes or spas are choosing natural compositions, made from vegetable oils.

And this is completely understandable: true concentrates of benefits for the skin, vegetable oils are the new essentials for organic cosmetics.

But how to find the right supplier of organic cosmetic vegetable oil?

How to choose the right oils in the composition of products?

What are the benefits ?

Green Spa explains everything to you!

Vegetable oils in organic cosmetics

Vegetable oils are now among the stars of cosmetics. You can buy them as they are in stores to apply them to the skin of the face, the skin of the body or the hair.

But above all, we find them more and more in organic cosmetic products . And it's a good thing ! Indeed, vegetable oils have the advantage of being completely natural.

They come from plants called oilseeds . That is to say, plants whose seeds, pulp or nuts are rich in lipids . Thanks to good extraction, these elements can then produce an oil, which can be recovered.

Made up of 98% fatty acids, 1% free fatty acids and 1% unsaponifiables , these are oils that have many benefits for the skin . Because in the world of cosmetics, we only draw inspiration from what nature does best: so why not bottle it to offer it to you, and offer it to your customers ?

What we call unsaponifiables are the active ingredients derived from the initial plant. They have all the properties: anti-oxidants, vitamins A, B, C, E, K, provitamins A… In short, all the active ingredients that we would like to apply to our skin in daily care.

It is this very particular natural composition that makes vegetable oils essential in organic cosmetics today. Let’s take a look at vegetable oils as a whole!

How are vegetable oils obtained?

To obtain vegetable oils, they must be extracted from the plant in which they are contained. There are then two methods for extracting the oil : mechanical extraction and chemical extraction.

With mechanical extraction, you obtain first cold pressed virgin oil, without additives. More commonly: it is pure and without any addition . This is an extraction which is carried out without adding any products, simply by cold pressing the plants and letting them macerate in an oil to capture all the active ingredients.

For chemical extraction, it is totally different. In addition to pressing the seeds or fruits , we heat the whole thing to a high temperature, while adding solvents . This allows you to obtain more active ingredients, but also involves adding additives. They are not recommended for cosmetics because they are much less pure.

What are the properties
vegetable oils in organic cosmetics?

Vegetable oils have many properties for skin health and general well-being. They can be moisturizing , clean impurities, strengthen the protective layer of the skin to cope with aggressions…

Just like the principles found in natural cosmetics, each vegetable oil has its own particularities. First cold pressed virgin oils are the best quality natural oils.

But as far as the nature of the oil is concerned : the choice is up to you! It all depends on the effects you are looking for.

Which vegetable oils should you choose for your organic products?

Each vegetable oil comes from a particular plant. However, all plants have specific benefits. Choosing your vegetable oil or vegetable oil supplier should therefore depend on what you are looking for.

It is good to know that being made up of fatty acids, vegetable oils have one thing in common: they act on the health of the skin and hair. All that remains is to identify the effects you are exactly looking for! Here are some oils you can choose

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil is a reference for the health of hair and facial skin. It is often recommended to moisturize sensitive and fragile skin.

It indeed has very appreciable soothing properties, which perfectly match the sensitivity of the finest skin. This oil has a very interesting texture , which, when worked well, can provide a non-greasy nature ideal for massage oils.

Shea butter

More consistent than an oil, shea butter also has a plant origin. It is even essential in cosmetic care, because it provides an ideal texture to moisturizing creams and butters , in order to give them that little solid and melting side at the same time.

Shea butter has many benefits for the skin : it nourishes , hydrates and protects in the long term. It is the ideal partner for all winter droughts!

Coconut oil

How can we talk about vegetable oils without mentioning coconut oil ? Outside of cooking, it is an excellent ingredient for cosmetic use.

Coconut oil has the particularity of strengthening dry and brittle hair, and effectively protecting the driest or most sensitive skin.

It can be applied as is, or in a natural and organic cosmetic. It goes very well with other natural ingredients found in aesthetic products.

Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil is considered a neutral oil . Its advantage over its sisters: it has a non-greasy, almost dry texture.

It is therefore often used in massage oils, because it allows clients to avoid staining their clothes once the massage is finished. It is a versatile oil, which can be applied to any type of hair or skin.

Jojoba oil

Finally, jojoba vegetable oil is strongly recommended for application on oily skin. It helps regulate and maintain a good balance within sebum producers.

On the skin or hair, it revitalizes and firms while avoiding providing too large a quantity of fatty acids, in order to preserve the quality of the skin . It effectively regulates pH and sebum !

Finding the right supplier of vegetable oils in organic cosmetics

Now that you have all the information about vegetable oils , it's all about finding the right vegetable oil supplier! As a beauty salon or spa, choosing the right wholesaler is essential. And this choice can be made based on the composition of its natural products . Starting with the quality of its oils! Don't hesitate to ask him what type of extraction he uses on his vegetable oils , what the benefits are... You can also study the oils used to find out if they provide the benefits you are looking for. And because the composition of the products does not stop at vegetable oils, Green Spa presents you with all the natural ingredients that can tip the scales: