Green Spa: a facial range in preparation?

gamme visage green spa

We've been talking about it for a few months now, and you probably got the information from one of the members of the Green Spa team.

But we can confirm it now, it's not a myth: a Green Spa facial range is indeed being prepared!

It will be beautiful, it will smell good and it will be perfect for facial treatments in institutes, and for resale products. With this new face range which is about to be released, Green Spa is getting a makeover. And your customers too!

The Green Spa facial range: a study in progress!

For several months now, our teams have been on the road meeting beauty professionals , dermatologists and wellness professionals.

The point of this research: knowing all the criteria that make a good facial range. And that’s no small feat!

As you probably know as an aesthetic or relaxation professional , facial skin is much more specific than body skin. Where certain body products can (more or less) be adapted to all skin types, this is far from being the case for facial products.

Oily skin, dull skin, combination skin, dry skin ... The needs are not the same. And when we use a cream that doesn't suit us, it shows right away! Between the pimples and the redness , we no longer know how to get out of it.

It was all this information that we had to gather together, over several months, before contacting our ecological chemists to see what we could do. And thanks to all this hard work, we can tell you that normally, the Green Spa facial range should see the light of day at the start of the 2024 school year. Very good news for all your clients who will need to take care of themselves this fall. athletic !

What will the Green Spa facial range consist of?

For the moment, the face range is still under study. Creating natural formulas, making samples, scheduling tests ... It all takes time.

We cannot yet tell you what this beautiful range will consist of. On the other hand, what we can tell you is that there will be enough for a complete beauty ritual!

Between scrub, cream, mask, serum, day, night ... We think of all skin types , and all needs . This way, you will be able to offer treatments adapted to the needs of your clients during your facial treatments in the institute.

And you can even offer complete boxes for resale, by arranging all your products on the beautiful Green Spa furniture .

What fragrances will be in the Green Spa facial range?

Perfumes too, it’s a whole subject! Where, for body products, we can afford to have sweet, delicious and captivating fragrances , for the face, it is more complicated.

Quite simply because you can breathe in a facial treatment all day long. And if they smell too strong, hello migraine and nausea.

This is why for the face range, we try to move towards airy, aquatic and slightly floral fragrances . This way, there is something for everyone. And above all, we can offer you fragrances that don't take the hassle!

Do you want to give us your opinion?

The Green Spa facial range is a great innovation for us. We are delighted to take the plunge, especially since the requests have been numerous! You need a face range : we offer you one.

But on our side, we also need you to give your opinion and participate indirectly in the creation of a natural facial range that will fully meet your needs.

So if you want to give us a helping hand, give us your opinion on the networks! Send us a message on @greenspa.france , or tag us in your story and give us your opinion.

What do you want for the Green Spa facial range?