Green Spa, partner of global well-being with the World Massage Championships

Green Spa, partenaire du bien-être mondial avec les Championnats du Monde de Massage

This year, Green Spa is everywhere! Including at the World Massage Championship in Copenhagen, which takes place this weekend.

Your favorite organic and natural cosmetics brand for professionals will be present as an official sponsor of the 7th World Massage Championship.

This prestigious event, organized by the International Massage Association , will be held in Copenhagen from June 28 to 30, 2024.

Want to know more about event values ? On the role of Green Spa? On the best ways to follow the event from afar?

Discover all the essential information!

The World Massage Championship: a unique event

The World Massage Championship is much more than just a competition.

Organized by the International Massage Association, it aims to develop and promote the different massage techniques practiced by experienced therapists from around the world.

It is a unique opportunity for participants to find professional inspiration, strengthen their skills and expand their network.

Every year, hundreds of talented masseurs come together to show off their innovative techniques, and for a chance to become the world massage champion!

But despite the competition , it is an event which takes place in understanding and kindness .

Everyone, participants and sponsors alike , is happy to be there.

Everything you need to know about the incredible International Massage Association

The International Massage Association is dedicated to the continuous improvement of massage techniques and the recognition of exceptional talent in this field.

Their goal is to create a space where therapists can not only compete but also learn and grow professionally.

Each participant receives a diploma , which is an asset for their career and allows them to promote their business from a new angle.

Much more than simple organizers, they evolve daily alongside participants and create links united by a common interest: a passion for well-being.

Green Spa, a natural partner for massage professionals

It is thanks to these particularly present values ​​that this year, Green Spa decided to be a sponsor of the Championship!

As you know, we share the same passion for well-being and the perfection of massage techniques.

Our range of organic and natural products is specially designed to meet the needs of massage professionals , offering skin care solutions that complement and enhance the effects of manual therapies.

Above all, our commitment to nature , efficiency and ethics is at the heart of everything we do.

By sponsoring the World Massage Championship, we want to promote the use of natural products that respect both the skin and the environment . Enough to place nature at the heart of well-being!

On the occasion, we will present our latest innovations in organic and natural cosmetics. You will have the opportunity to test our products, ask questions to our experts and discover how our solutions can improve your massage techniques.

Why participate in the World Massage Championship?

Participating in the World Massage Championship is a unique opportunity for any therapist wishing to improve their skills and make themselves known on the international scene.

Do you want to participate but don't dare? Take the plunge, and take advantage of all the advantages that such an event offers you:

  • Improvement of skills : feedback from judges and peers allows for continuous improvement of professional practices.
  • International recognition: Receiving a diploma from the International Massage Association is a prestigious recognition that can greatly enhance a therapist's credibility and reputation.
  • Inspiration and innovation : the new techniques, methods and products presented can inspire and transform your daily practice.

So many advantages, why deprive yourself of them?

Join Green Spa in Copenhagen!

The 7th World Massage Championship promises to be an exceptional event.

Green Spa is proud to support this event as a sponsor and contribute to the improvement of massage techniques around the world.

Do you want to follow the event from afar from the comfort of your home? Don't worry: everything will be documented on our networks! Join us on Instagram.